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Curaçao Nights 2022

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The island s premier lifestyle travel magazine 2022 Instagrammable spots Trip to Klein Cura ao Map Where to eat U SEF U INFO L Top beaches scan TO EXPLORE ONLINE ACTIVITIES DINING SHOPPING NIGHTLIFE

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FEATURES NIGHTS CURA AO 2022 16 3 must visit attractions of Cura ao There is so much more to do on Cura ao than sun sea and sand Discover the 3 must visit attractions 26 34 26 Local Products and Souvenirs After spending an amazing time on Cura ao you will certainly wish to bring a little piece of the island back home with you 34 The most instagrammable spots Grab your camera and be ready to capture the most instagrammable spots of Cura ao 38 38 Trip to Klein Cura ao Step onboard and let the boat take you across the waves to the tiny deserted island Klein Cura ao 40 XXXL Chichi The crowdfunding project of the XXXL Chichi is all about bringing people together and working on keeping the local artists painting our beloved Chichi s 44 Cura ao National Parks Take a walk drive or a guided tour on the island s wildest side to witness nature at its finest far from the crowds 50 Kids and Dolphins Together This coming spring will mark the 20th anniversary of Dolphin Academy s opening here on the remarkable island of Cura ao 2 Nights Cura ao 44

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56 Museums of Cura ao Cura ao might be small but it is a charming destination characterized by a fascinating history 60 Top beaches on Cura ao A list of 13 favorite beaches 68 Culinary tours through Cura ao Find flavors from all around the world waiting to satisfy every craving and dining style 72 Local food Cura ao 68 78 Local foods you must try during your stay on the island 76 Whimsical Williwood Flamingos Dutch saint goat burgers Hollywood style sign landmark church historic plantation and gorgeous beaches 78 The oldest restaurant Jaanchie s Jaanchie s is the oldest restaurant in Cura ao and is a must stop place to eat for so many reasons 86 86 Where s the party Cura ao s exciting party scene is scattered all over the island but we have the inside scoop on where all the action is day and night Departments 8 10 14 18 20 30 34 54 56 60 Welcome Island Report Quiz 7 Facts about Cura ao Shop Talk Compare and book tours Activities Where to play Museums Beaches 4 Nights Cura ao 68 74 80 84 88 89 90 92 93 94 Culinary Cura ao Eats Where to eat Where to stay Where to party Where to gamble Cura ao Information Willemstad map Pietermaai map Island map

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Part of COLOFON PUBLISHER Island Guide B V CONTRIBUTOR Elise Tromp ART DIRECTOR Tommy de Jong COVER PHOTO Photographer Micheal van Drunen Models Pawel Meinster Jorda Hager Location LionsDive Beach Resort MANAGING DIRECTOR Stephanie Schelling AUTHORS Susan Campbell Jessica Gallant Josefina Josepha SALES ACCOUNTMANAGER Jorda Hager 5999 692 5499 jorda mycuracaoguide com PHOTOGRAPHY Micheal van Drunen Els Kroon Jaro Shutterstock Images LLC Adobe Stock Getty Images VIDEO PRODUCER Caribbean Legacy CONSULTANT Angela Schelling LOCAL OFFICE Vista Monta a 60 61 Willemstad Cura ao 5999 692 5499 INTERNATIONAL SALES ART DEPARTMENT 316 2306 5104 info nightspublications com www nightspublications com PRESS WORK www magazine masters nl Copyright 2022 Cura ao Nights All rights reserved Reproduction in whole or in part is forbidden without written permission from Cura ao Nights Cura ao Nights is a part of Island Guide B V Nights Publications cannot be held responsible for any opinions expressed by collaborators and advertisers through words or graphic material contained herein For more up to date information blogs videos and to book your tours go to our website www mycuracaoguide com 6 Nights Cura ao

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WELCOME Kon ta bai and Hello I am elated to present our 2022 publication We hope this edition provides you with compelling content new trends thought provoking topics and a trunk full of fun tastic experiences We hope you will grow to appreciate a greater love for our beaches streets culture people shops and nature Be ready to subconsciously immerse yourself in every experience the island of Cura ao has to offer as you peruse through the picturesque pages of our magazine We believe that as you explore our colorful content you will easily reminisce about your Dushi Cura ao memorabilia the island s wind softly caressing your skin as well as the feeling of the sun s warmth on your body and the delicious aromas of our local food taking over all your senses This year in the magazine one of our goals is to marry the online and offline worlds Consequently you will discover scannable QR codes that will link to other articles information videos and even allow you to directly book and reserve your tours effortlessly We sincerely hope you are inspired to dine drive dive and buy what Cura ao has to offer and share with you and your loved ones Take care and enjoy this edition developed especially for you our readers Bon bini all Publisher Stephanie Schelling 8 Nights Cura ao

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NEWS Island Report News events and happenings around Cura ao Plan your island experience with My Curacao Guide We are happy to announce the merger of Nights Publications and Island Guide TV as a new tourism and marketing platform for the island of Cura ao As we have been known to share practical and inspiring information about Cura ao and Aruba for years we are excited to add our new online booking platform to our services which gather all the best island tours and excursions with easy and safe payment options We believe that our expertise will help you plan a genuine customized experience for your stay on Cura ao www mycuracaoguide com Your new favorite brasserie Cafelito Cafelito is your all day brunch dinner cafe where they don t stick to mealtimes and can meet up to all your cravings any time of the day Just opened last year and already famous for their pink Cafelito Love latte And their black vegan bread is definitely a must try The slogan The best part of your day is on point this place feels good Opening Hours Tuesday Friday 07 30 22 00 Saturday 09 0022 00 Sunday 09 00 17 00 Monday closed www cafelitocuracao com VIP Lounge now bigger and better Looking for a serene place to enjoy a snack catch up on emails or simply watch TV before your flight Cura ao International Airport has taken the comfort and privileges of the VIP lounge to the next level for business and leisure travelers More space new d cor extra quiet rooms the latest in kitchens and ergonomic furniture are now available to ensure you have everything needed to relax indulge yourself or remain productive Come and see us on your next visit for an exclusive VIP experience 10 Nights Cura ao www curacao airport com

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NEWS Guided harbor boat tour Welcome aboard The Cura ao Maritime Museum invites you to explore the natural harbor of Cura ao from a unique angle as you set sail through history on a water taxi tour This boat tour departs from Willemstad and brings you through the Schottegat harbor which has been the economical heart of Cura ao for more than 5 centuries Enjoy the narrative of this guided adventure as you cruise along with one of the oldest harbors of the Caribbean www curacaomaritime com Chichi XXXL While traveling around Cura ao make sure to locate the XXXL Chichi as everybody is invited to join the project of bringing art to Punda and keeping Serena s Art Factory alive through this crowdfunding idea This impressive structure will be covered with illustrations with the goal to create awareness about the attractions of Cura ao while the donation made for the project will pay for the salaries of many local artists You can read more information about this colorful mission on page 40 41 www chichikunst com Rediscover Jewish Cura ao The Jewish Cultural Historical Museum has undergone a quiet transformation over the past three years Showing among others an overview of four centuries of Jewish life in Cura ao Former plantation house Rooi Catootje houses Mongui Maduro Museum and was reopened in 2021 after renovations The new exhibition tells the story of 4 generations of the Cura ao Jewish family Levy Maduro and their role in the economic and cultural development of the island and the region Learn more on Cura ao s history by visiting both www curacaojews org explore Nights Cura ao 11

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Kick back and discover Cura ao via your in room TV channel Discover what to do and where to go in a quick and entertaining way Hotel Channel Avila Beach Hotel Chogogo Dive Beach Resort Cura ao Cura ao Marriott Beach Resort Dolphin Suites Cura ao Dreams Cura ao Resort Spa and Casino Kunuku Aqua Resort Cura ao 6 varies 2 Lobby 6 varies LionsDive Beach Resort Cura ao 6 Livingstone Jan Thiel Beach Resort 4 Morena Resort Cura ao 6 Papagayo Beach Hotel 6 Renaissance Cura ao Resort Casino Sunscape Cura ao Resort Spa Casino Trupial Inn Hotel Casino Van der Valk Kontiki Beach Resort Zo try Cura ao Resort Spa Channel varies per TV hotel room Channel changes by the hotel may occur during the years Scan to watch My Cura ao Guide online 12 Nights Cura ao 24 2 78 1 varies 6

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Win a free tour through Otrobanda Willemstad What do you need to do Post a story of your best and authentic holiday picture tag mycuracaoguide pocketguidecuracao and win a free tour About the tour PocketGuide Otrobanda is an app that guides you through Otrobanda by voice just like a real tour guide of 75 minutes It works on GPS so no WIFI is needed once it is downloaded Our content is made by the best local architect Anko van der Woude who knows the most interesting sites to show you Can t wait to win this tour Scan and book your tour directly Nights Cura ao 13

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QUIZ U O Y O D L L HOW WE o a a r u C KNOW d Find Out n a iz u Q n u F Take This 1 What is the highest temperature ever measured on Cura ao 4 How high is the Christoffelberg a 36 8 C a 372 M b 38 3 C b 380 M c 40 1 C c 391M 2 What is the name of the currency 5 What is the famous beach where you are almost guaranteed to see turtles of Cura ao a Grote Knip a Euro b Cas Abao b Dollar c Playa Grandi Piskado c Antillean Guilder 3 Which animal was introduced to the culinary kitchen of Cura ao a Iguana b Turtle c Ostrich 1 b 2 c 3 a 4 a 5 c Five out of five Are you sure you weren t actually born here Four out of five You deserve honorary citizenship Three out of five You ve obviously been here before so Welcome back Two out of five You ve spent too much time just enjoying the island s superb beaches then again can we really blame you One out of five You ll have to stay a little longer until you get them all right Zero out of five What do you mean you thought the flight was to Andalusia 14 Nights Cura ao

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ATTRACTIONS 3 must visit attractions of Cura ao by Jessica Gallant There is so much more to do on Cura ao than sun sea and sand I invite you to discover 3 must visit attractions that will allow you to learn about the history and culture of the island These 3 attractions are Cura ao Sea Aquarium Landhuis Chobolobo and Serena s Art Factory With the help of the CHATA Cura ao Hospitality Tourism Association organization they are working on creating awareness around the different point of interests the island has to offer By visiting these must experience activities you will have the opportunity to receive a commemorative postcard which depicts the various things to see and do on the island This postcard will surely inspire you to create new memories on your adventure around the island Explore the marine life of the island at the Cura ao Sea Aquarium You can easily spend a few hours at the Sea Aquarium of Cura ao as this is the perfect place for everyone to experience the marine life of the island Dedicated to the well being of Cura ao s marine ecosystem the team of the Sea Aquarium will share with you educative information while interacting with animals in a natural setting The aquaria are in immediate contact with the open sea creating a unique environment for you to meet and greet various Caribbean underwater world animals Be amazed by the wonders of the sea as you peek through the Ocean Lens feed the flamingos or get a wet kiss on the cheek by a Dolphin 16 Nights Cura ao

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ATTRACTIONS Get crafty at Serena s Art Factory This wonderful atelier is located in the wild nature of the east side of the island and is truly an inspiring place to immerse yourself in the creativeness of the artistic community of Cura ao Serena s Art Factory is home to the famous Chichi sculpture which represents the oldest sister in a Cura ao family This traditional and cultural figure is known for her dedication towards her loved ones You can visit the Art Factory free of charge and see how Chichi gets made in the atelier Shop for a colorful souvenir to bring back home or you can dive furthermore into the experience by scheduling a workshop for yourself and create your very own Chichi Taste the history of Cura ao at Landhuis Chobolobo You cannot leave the island without visiting the world famous Blue Cura ao Liqueur distillery While visiting the Landhuis Chobolobo you will learn about the history of Cura ao and the craftsmanship of the Senior genuine Curacao liqueur It is a great place to end a day of exploration as you can do a free tasting of the delicious variations of the liqueurs and indulge yourself in a signature cocktail or try locallymade gelato You could also be part of an interesting workshop to become an expert in making signature cocktails with the genuine liqueurs of Senior Co Don t forget to pick up a postcard as you visit one of these amazing attractions during your stay on the island of Cura ao Also available at the Hato Caves Lees blog in Nederlands Nights Cura ao 17

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7 FACTS About Cura ao 1 On Cura ao 160 000 people live with more than 100 different nationalities 2 Papiamentu is actually Cura ao s official language This is even more of a mixed bag of words and pronunciations of Dutch English French Portuguese and Spanish 3 Cura ao consists of two islands one main island which is habited and one smaller island called Klein Cura ao which is an inhabited island 4 The blue in the flag symbolizes the blue sky and the sea that surrounds the island The yellow band in the middle represents the sun The large star stands for Cura ao and the small star for the island Klein Cura ao 5 Cura ao its capital is Willemstad The island was conquered by the Dutch in 1634 The city Willemstad was then named after the Dutch governor Willem II van Oranje 6 The lowest temperature ever measured on Cura ao is 19 7 degrees Celsius 68 Fahrenheit 7 The buildings and houses are painted in different color as the white was very reflective and bad for the eye 18 Nights Cura ao

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SHOPPING Shop Talk The hottest most coveted fashion brands exquisite jewelry top notch tech and unique keepsakes are all waiting to be scooped up from Cura ao s marvelous malls and boutiques Chichi Shop Punda Everybody deserves a smart strong happy and curvy elder sister a Chichi as they say on Cura ao Local artists at Serena s Art Factory make them in all kinds of shapes sizes and tropical colors Visit the shop in Punda s art alley treat yourself to a unique handmade Chichi and take home a wonderful colorful island souvenir Quality and authenticity are guaranteed by their Chichi trademark 2008 Windstraat 5999 738 0648 www chichi curacao com Open Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 5pm For more information e mail or WhatsApp us info chichi curacao com 599 9 677 9245 Curinde The Cura ao Harbor Free Economic Zone has more than 75 shops offering a variety of wholesale goods of high quality at the most competitive prices Everything is tax and duty free Remember to bring your passport and ticket when visiting the zone Emancipatie Boulevard Dominico F Don Martina 17 5999 737 6000 www curinde com info curinde com BuddhaToBuddha Store Cura ao Fall in love with the boldness and beauty of BuddhaToBuddha s timeless unique 925 sterling silver handmade pieces BuddhaToBuddha is more than just jewellery It s a lifestyle Embracing life We are for the passionate the creative the risk takers and the rebels Explore the empowering and diverse range of BuddhaToBuddha s Heritage Collection designed in Amsterdam handmade in Bali Boogje in Renaissance Rif Fort 5999 788 82828 www buddhacorp org Instagram buddhatobuddhacuracao Open daily 10 am to 5 pm except Sundays 20 Nights Cura ao

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SHOPPING SHOPPING HOURS Stores are open 9 a m to 6 p m Monday to Saturday although some Mainstreet stores close for siesta from noon to 2 p m Certain stores are open Sunday mornings and on holidays when cruise ships are in port Most malls open at 10 a m and stay open until at least 6 p m Mambo Beach Boulevard 10 until 6 Papagayo Beach Plaza 10 until 6 Promenade Shopping Center 9 until 6 Punda 9 until 6 Renaissance Mall Cura ao 9 until 7 Rif Fort 9 until 7 Sambil 11 until 8 Zuikertuin Mall 9 until 6 22 Nights Cura ao BENU Pharmacy Serving the community and visitors to the island for over 50 years with excellent health care services BENU Pharmacies pursuit of innovation in services and prices has made them the largest pharmacy group in the Caribbean offering their customers top products and better RX pricing than in the US Credit cards and debit cards are accepted as well as Antillean guilders or US dollars Three locations on Cura ao Tel 5999 462 5633 5999 4617 988 59999 735 2999 Facebook BENU Pharmacy Cura ao

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JEWELRY FREEPORT JEWELERS Experience the ultimate luxurious shopping rendezvous on the island FREEPORT JEWELERS Since 1969 Freeport Jewelers a Cura ao familyowned business have grown to become the largest tax free and duty free jewelry operator on the island They carry a wide range of affordable fashion brands and premium luxury brands and offer a stunning selection of fine jewelry and watches for every occasion with after sales service in the US FASHION BRANDS Pandora Guess Citizen Fossil Swarovski Movado Anne Klein Kermar Michael Kors Seiko PREMIUM LUXURY BRANDS Chopard Bulgari Breitling Hublot Tudor IWC Panerai David Yurman Mikimoto Tissot Tag Heuer Baume et Mercier Dior Longines Rado John Hardy Fope Hearts on Fire Marco Bicego Chanel Freeport Jewelers stores are located all over the island with as many as six stores each one with its own ambience for a delightful shopping experience Visit any of their three stores in Punda two stores in Renaissance Mall and one stores in Zuikertuin Mall Open Monday to Saturday Punda 9 a m to 6 p m Renaissance Mall 9 a m to 6 p m Zuikertuin Mall 9 30 a m to 6 30 p m Tel 5999 461 2399 info freeportjewelers com www freeportjewelers com Facebook Freeport Jewelers Instagram Freeport Jewelers Nights Cura ao 23

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JEWELRY PRECIOUS MOMENTS Stunning Diamonds classic watches rare gems create precious moments and vacation memories with the help of Cura ao s premier jewelers Marco Bicego Ring Chopard Happy sport David yurman Necklace David yurman Earrings Fope 24 Nights Cura ao Marco Bicego Earrings Fope

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JEWELRY Chopard Breitling Emerald Ring Emerald Earrings Available at Freeport Jewelers Tel 5999 461 2399 info freeportjewelers com www freeportjewelers com Longines La grande classique Nights Cura ao 25

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SHOPPING Local Products and Souvenirs of Cura ao by Jessica Gallant After spending an amazing time on Cura ao you will certainly wish to bring a little piece of the island back home with you I invite you to mindfully encourage handcrafted gifts and souvenirs from one of the locally based companies as it is an important factor for the economy of the island and it is also a great step towards more sustainable tourism Buying from local businesses has never been more important and Cura ao has so many of them to choose from Whether you are looking to purchase some decorations meaningful items or something that will remind you of the flavors of the island Cura ao has it all Here are some places you should definitely visit and consider getting souvenirs from Believe me you will certainly fall in love with everything they have to offer as they all have their own unique touch Your own unique Chichi from Serena s Art Factory Choosing to bring back home a Chichi as a souvenir of Cura ao is a meaningful way to encourage local artists and craft women of the island It is also a unique art piece that you will not find anywhere else especially if you painted it yourself during one of the workshops organized by Serena s Art Factory If you did not only you will have a quirky souvenir but you will also be rich in memories from your time participating in this Caribbean experience If you love diving dancing doing yoga or any other kind of activity be sure to express your passion through the design of your Chichi to make it even more special As you can spend some time at the walk in atelier surrounded by farms on the east side of the island you can also pass by the shop located in the art alley in Punda You 26 Nights Cura ao

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SHOPPING will be able to choose from a diversity of Chichi which is the Papiamento word for Big Sister In the local culture of Cura ao Chichi represents that proud older sister who is binding the whole family together in a dedicated and carrying way Bring a little piece of Cura ao from Don Caribe back home As you leave your beach chair to step into the store called Don Caribe you will quickly feel all the love and passion that has been put into this family business for decades This souvenir shop on Mambo boulevard is loved for its hand crafted items by locals especially for its handmade Bon Bini and Dushi wooden signs Put together with the finest of organic materials and perfected with paintings inspired by the beauty of Cura ao they truly are original pieces of art to bring back to your loved ones or as a souvenir for yourself As the most famous quote of Don Caribe says A thing of beauty is a joy forever This boutique is like the Ali Baba Cave of lifelong memory gems for the visitors of Cura ao Besides having exotic items perfect for amazing gifts this must visit store also offers a variety of signature cocktails and freshly made local snacks If you are feeling adventurous some menu items to look out for are the Green Iguana and the Shark Bite Don Caribe is definitely the right place to have a good time and get a memorable souvenir of the island Nights Cura ao 27

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SHOPPING The famous blue Cura ao liqueur from the Landhuis Chobolobo Did you know that the world famous Cura ao liqueur has been invented here on the island of Cura ao The Senior family invented this kosher liqueur with the laraha in 1896 and it is still being locally produced Therefore every traveler that visits Cura ao should include a visit to the Landhuis Chobolobo home of the Genuine Cura ao liqueur on their itinerary This 19th century mansion is a must visit attraction for so many reasons During an interactive guided tour you get to go on a historic journey about the island including the arrival of the Jewish community and learn about the distillation process of the iconic liqueur The best part is that you can taste the different variations of the product and join a workshop located within the beautiful bar courtyard so you can learn how to make amazing cocktails Landhuis Chobolobo also has a charming gift store with a wide range of Senor liqueurs gift packages and other locally made gifts The genuine Curacao liqueurs of Senior Co are certainly an authentic souvenir to bring back home as it is as colorful and rich as the culture of Cura ao and it represents years of history Lees blog in Nederlands 28 Nights Cura ao

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Compare book tours Scan for details availability and book directly www mycuracaoguide com book tours Easy and safe payment options Secure booking with dedicated support 36 years experience ensuring the best tours activities Open your camera on your mobile phone or tablet Scan the QR code and receive more info book directly 30 Nights Cura ao Or visit www mycuracaoguide com book tours for more information

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Miss Ann Boattrip To Klein Cura ao 11 hours Scan for availability price and more info Find yourself relaxing on a boat trip to Klein Cura ao on board of a luxurious yacht The small island is a white pearl in the midst of the blue ocean You will be welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee and in the afternoon there is a delicious barbecue lunch You can enjoy the relaxing trip back while enjoying a rum punch Aquafari Tour 1 5 hours Scan for availability price and more info Create a lifetime of memories with your loved ones by going on Cura ao s underwater safari on the underwater scooter Dive easily under the sea on your personal water scooter accompanied by a certified Aquafari diver See a variety of beautiful fish and other deep sea creatures Irie Tours Sunset Catamaran 2 5 hours Scan for availability price and more info There is no better way to end your afternoon than aboard our luxurious and spacious catamaran Enjoy a romantic sunset cruise and discover our island is even more stunning in a sunset orange glow as you sail into the open sea Feel free to enjoy our premium open bar and finger food that are included Animal Encounter Snorkeling 30 minutes Scan for availability price and more info If you can t wait to see as many sea animals from Cura ao as possible this Animal Encounter is just for you You can come face to face with hundreds of tropical fish rays and giant groupers in just one snorkeling trip on Cura ao That sounds great right Well that s what awaits you at the Sea Aquarium www mycuracaoguide com Nights Cura ao 31

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Dolphin Swim 1 5 hours Scan for availability price and more info Always wanted to swim with dolphins in Cura ao This is a great opportunity to touch interact swim and enjoy your time with these lovable marine mammals You also have free access to the Sea Aquarium A magical experience and a great day out for the whole family Di Luca Sunset Boattour BBQ 4 hours Scan for availability price and more info Swim drink snorkel and enjoy this fantastic BBQ dinner served on board After the BBQ we sail back while enjoying good music So step aboard enjoy the lovely sunset end up on a beautiful private beach at Fuik Bay and you will have a day you will never forget Crystal Clear Canoe Tour 1 hour Scan for availability price and more info Enjoy this unique experience with this clear transparent canoe An educational and unique transparent canoe tour that sails along the historic coastline of the east In the canoe you can enjoy the coral reefs and see the famous sunken Tugboat You can see the whole underwater world through your transparant canoe Stand Up Paddle 2 hours Scan for availability price and more info A great way to explore the Spanish Water is by standup paddling You ll paddle through the mangroves Astonishing bird species such as pelicans sore right past your ears Halfway you will enjoy a short swim break or you can just relax on your paddleboard while enjoying the nature in complete silence 32 Nights Cura ao www mycuracaoguide com

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Jeep And Snorkel Adventure East Edition 4 hours Scan for availability price and more info Get your thrills on Join us on this exciting off road jeep safari tour For 4 hours you will explore the rough terrain and stunning nature of the East side of Cura ao With our powerful yet luxurious jeep you will explore these hard to reach places that you ve never seen before PocketGuide Audio Guided Walking Tour Of Otrobanda Willemstad 75 minutes Scan for availability price and more info PocketGuide Otrobanda is an app that guides you through Otrobanda by voice just like a real tour guide It works on GPS so no WIFI is needed once it is downloaded Our content is made by the best local architect Anko van der Woude who knows the most interesting sites to show you BlueFinn Dolphin Snorkeling Tour 5 hours Scan for availability price and more info The underwater landscape of Cura ao is one to discover Take your loved ones on a snorkeling expedition with Catamaran BlueFinn to the 3 most beautiful snorkeling sites on the East Coast of Cura ao Enjoy an open water encounter with Dolphins UTV Expedition West Coast 3 5 hours Scan for availability price and more info Get ready for the most exciting and coolest tour on Cura ao You will drive an UTV side by side and explore the rough terrain and nature on the west side of the island You will visiting a hidden cave boca patrick on the rough north side and after a dusty and thrilling ride you can cool down and have a refreshing swim www mycuracaoguide com Nights Cura ao 33

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ACTIVITIES Use mycuracaoguide The most instagrammable spots in Cura ao by Jessica Gallant From its vibrant street art scene its natural landscapes characterized by cacti and distinguish colorful architecture the island of Cura ao is the perfect destination to fill up your Instagram feed Every street corner or beach stop will surprise you with new spots to take pictures This Caribbean gem is simply all around photogenic Grab your camera and be ready to capture astonishing memories of your stay on the island of Cura ao in picture 1 Handelskade from Queen Emma Bridge 2 Punda wings This iconic panorama should be on everyone s Instagram feed As you walk across the pontoon bridge you will find yourself surrounded by magnificent monuments With the Handelskade as a backdrop this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most photographed spot of the island with its famous Penha Building Add another pundawings post to the most photographed mural in Punda This famous wall art created by a local artist can be found at the street called Hanchi Angel Job Have fun and take some creative pictures with this interactive mural 34 Nights Cura ao

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ACTIVITIES 5 Scharloo murals This district of downtown has had a major makeover in the last few years thanks to the creativity of local artists This artsy neighborhood is covered with amazing murals from the walls of a parking lot to buildings on various street corners Don t miss out on taking a picture in front of the famous Three o clock romance art piece of the painter Francis Sling 6 Cas Abao Beach 3 The Cura ao and Dushi sign in Willemstad If you haven t taken a picture of it then you haven t been there right While visiting the island you must absolutely strike a pose in front of the unmissable Cura ao sign As you will probably have learned a few Papiamento words during your stay why not show it off with another photo of the most popular word of the local language with the Dushi sign 4 The colorful steps of Otrobanda There are no such things as too many colors in Cura ao Like Avita Damberg said after completing this artistic creation in the neighborhood of Otrobanda with each step you become happier and reach your destination in a happy way This flamboyant spot is definitely a fun place to photoengrave Voted as one of the 21 best beaches of the world by National Geographic Cas Abao Beach is an idyllic place to take beautiful pictures You will easily influence others to visit this stunning place as your photos will be characterized by turquoise water and a white sandy beach 7 Klein Cura ao Little Cura ao is a real treat for social media fanatics There are so many picture opportunities on this tiny island From the abandoned pink light house to the dramatic shipwreck and the endless beach Klein Cura ao is a heavenly destination Turtles are also very present in the water surrounding the island So do not forget to bring your underwater camera to immortalize this wonderful experience 8 Kokomo swing Take a pic as you swing at Kokomo beach It is not every day that you can swing over crystal clear water at a sublime Caribbean beach This beach offers a breathtaking environment where you can relax and have fun all day long making it an inspiring place to capture in picture 9 Pietermaai District You can easily spend hours wandering in the alleys of the trendy district of Pietermaai From the cobblestone street of Nieuwestraat the colorful architecture of its heritage buildings the street art and its easy access to the ocean it s an incredible area of the island to do a photo shoot Nights Cura ao 35

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ACTIVITIES Are you ready to go explore the ultimate Instagrammer destination that is Cura ao island 10 The Mount Christoffel Do you want to take a picture on the summit of the tallest mountain of Cura ao If so put on your cute outdoorsy outfit and dare to reach the highest peak of the island This hike is a must do experience as you will get the chance to immerse yourself in the true nature of the island The top of Mount Christoffel is awaiting you with its natural beauty and 365 degrees view of the west side of the island 11 Grote Knip Kleine knip These two well known beaches of the west side of the island are defined by landscapes worthy of a postcard The combination of white sandy beaches and 50 shades of blue will take your breath away It s hard not to spend the whole day sunbathing or even cliff jumping within this divine Insta worthy surrounding Follow us on Instagram mycuracaoguide Lees blog in Nederlands 36 Nights Cura ao

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ACTIVITIES Turn Yourself into Art Exploring the beautiful murals in the artsy neighborhood Scharloo Drop by at Cura ao s 1st top Henna artist in her colorful boutique called Nigrita At Bargestraat 28 you ll find Nicolle Lourens working wonders by turning her client s skin into creative displays of temporary tattoos using natural henna or fruit based Jagua gel These tattoos can last from a few days to a couple of weeks She is also a tattoo artist in fine line permanent tattoos So if you want a unique Henna inspired tattoo design Nicolle will create it for you She is a favorite among locals and visitors not only for her tattoos but also for hosting artsy henna high tea parties cozy waist bead workshops and her collection of colorful driftwood art pieces Nicolle believes that through her art she can create Joy beauty and confidence in the life of others Instagram nigrita_nigrita www nigrita biz www facebook com nigritahennatattoo Road trip in style with Mister Paradise Exploring Cura ao s most instagrammable spots really requires a car If you want to road trip in style then rent one of the vintage Suzuki Samurai compact jeeps These highly Instagrammable nineties jeeps come in cool art colors you ll blend right into the best instagrammable spots It will really provide you with an awesome wind in your hair vintage experience Grab your camera and go exploring Contact Mister Paradise to book the ultimate island ride www mister paradise com 5999 515 8004 Nights Cura ao 37

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ACTIVITIES Trip to Klein Cura ao Vacations in Cura ao are exhausting days of sunbathing on the beach and eating at nice restaurants You deserve a mini break so off to Klein Cura ao Step onboard and let the boat take you across the waves to the tiny deserted island There you ll find a true paradise Klein Cura ao is a small uninhabited tropical island with a pearly white beach an azure blue sea a spectacular reef and beautiful underwater world There are four attractions the lighthouse the shipwrecks the beach and the underwater world When you arrive you immediately see the highlight of the island the lighthouse If you continue the path towards the coast you will come to shipwrecks Klein Cura ao is also known for the tropical white beach and the fact that you can see many sea turtles swimming among the colorful small and large fish 38 Nights Cura ao What to bring for an unforgettable experience Bring your snorkeling gear towel your favorite floaties plenty of sunscreen and of course your camera or phone It is not every day that you can say that you have visited an uninhabited sunlit island full of history and mystery So get your camera ready and surprise everyone with the most beautiful Instagram photos Klein Cura ao is definitely worth visiting when you are in Cura ao Book now Lees blog in Nederlands

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ACTIVITIES xxxl CHIchi by Jessica Gallant Chichi beyond the pandemic It is not a secret that the pandemic of COVID 19 has affected many companies that are dependent on tourism around the world In the effort of keeping Serena s Art Factory alive Serena herself and her team gathered with the strength of a Chichi to reach the heart of the people through Art with a creative crowdfunding project A Chichi which is normally known as the oldest sister in a Cura ao family is also known for her passion dedication and attention towards her loved ones This is the mentality that Serena and her team have adopted to work together as a family and take care of an important part of the artistic community of the island Be part of something BIG The crowdfunding project of the XXXL Chichi is all about bringing people together and work on keeping Serena s Art Factory alive Everybody can be a part of this mission by choosing their favorite illustration designed by Paul Piper together with Serena which will be painted live in different locations around the island The accomplishment of this project will bring a meaningful art piece to Willemstad whilst creating awareness regarding the numerous 40 Nights Cura ao things to do on the island of Cura ao The money raised through this project will sustain Serena s Art Factory and will pay for the salaries of many artists Also the big Chichi will be donated to Willemstad for a period of at least 3 years Many other things will be done to thank all of the supporters including showcasing their logos or names on a cut out billboard next to Chichi The sculpture will be placed in the heart of Willemstad and there is no doubt this unique piece of art will travel around the world through social media and become a must see attraction on the island XXXL Chichi will be traveling to 10 15 places around the island

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ACTIVITIES XXXL Chichi around Cura ao Since this project is meant to be accessible to everyone before reaching the destination the XXXL Chichi will be traveling to 10 15 places around the island The live painting sessions will happen about once a week and will be available to watch via live stream for those who cannot be present on that day Locals and tourists are invited to join in to immortalize this creative adventure and learn more about the amazing things Cura ao has to offer through the different attractions that will cover this iconic sculpture While planning for your next escapade on the island of Cura ao make sure to look where the XXXL Chichi is located and follow the progress of the project with the QR code right here 5999 738 0648 www chichikunst com Scan for location Scan to support Lees blog in Nederlands Nights Cura ao 41

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WELCOME TO CHICHI S WORLD You ve seen the brightly painted well rounded female figures all over this island tiny souvenirs and XXXL sculptures They are called Chichi and they ve become an iconic symbol of Cura ao art and culture And their story is as colorful as their designs WHO IS CHICHI The character was inspired by the literally big sister nicknamed Chichi in the local Caribbean community the older sister or favorite auntie of the family who is always there with a welcoming embrace There s Bubu too He was designed after the big brother the first born son of the family They both sit stand and even fly 42 Nights Cura ao SERENA ISRAEL THE DESIGNER It all began as Serena set up a craft company where local Cura ao women could be creative and earn some extra money for their families Originally from Germany where she worked as a professional mold maker designer art restoration specialist artist and art teacher Serena fell in love with Cura ao and decided to make it her home

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SERENA S ART FACTORY Today the owner of the brand works with 75 local artists she personally trained You can learn about your painter if you check the number on the bottom of your Chichi and match it on their website You can purchase the artwork which was trademarked in 2008 in her shop in Willemstad at her Art Factory and chosen retailers around the island CHICHI CURA AO www chichi curacao com JOIN THE WORKSHOP Every Tuesday Saturday morning Serena holds a walk in workshop in her garden at the Art Factory out in Cura ao s east where you re taught how to paint your own sculpture Feel free to book for groups and order custom made sculptures for any occasion Nights Cura ao 43

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ACTIVITIES Cura ao s National parks Take a walk drive or a guided tour on the island s wildest side to witness nature at its finest far from the crowds Did you know that Christoffel National Park and its sister Shete Boka National Park comprise of over 12 000 acres of protected nature reserves on Cura ao The island s national parks host the highest peaks for hiking with all kinds of fascinating flora and fauna secreted within and the wildest most picturesque windswept coasts are also within protected park confines Christoffel park is the largest national park of Cura ao and a must see for everyone There are eight hiking trails in the Christoffel Park allowing the visitor the choice between an easy stroll or for instance a challenging hike to the top of the Christoffel mountain recommended for early morning Scenic car routes take you through the underbrush around hills and across sea swept bluffs The park also organizes special tours including park safaris deer watching tours bird watching tours and guided hikes Enjoy the beautiful nature of Cura ao Lees blog in Nederlands 44 Nights Cura ao

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ACTIVITIES CHRISTOFFEL NATIONAL PARK Hike to the mountain top A strenuous hike and climb up and down the Christoffel Mountain starting from the visitor s center it will take approximately three hours From the foot of the mountain it will take two hours Look for interesting geological formations Roi Ber a dry riverbed lichens beard moss bromeliads and orchids along the way Spectacular views of the island reward you at the top The Christoffel Mountain is open for climbing between 6 AM 10 AM Of course you re free to explore the parks on your own on foot or by car however first time visitors will really benefit from a guided tour through the park All tours need to be reserved Guided hikes can be reserved for small groups and customized to suit your comfort level Safari Tours Guided safaris in an open air land cruiser are a great way to explore the wilds with informed park rangers who will introduce you to the wonders of the park There must be a minimum of four people and reservations are required Sunset Tours There are also sunset tours to help you get incredible photographs in the wild Enjoy the mystic of the Christoffel park at sundown This special tour takes you to secluded parts of the park This includes Seru Bientu and Seru Grasia where you can enjoy the Sabal palms which only grow in this part of the park You will experience a spectacular panoramic view of the east side along with the sunset Hiking Tours Let us give you the comfort of a guided hike We offer guided hikes on several hiking trails in the park such as the Mountain trail and the Boka Grandi trail We also offer a special guided hike the Orchid trail hike from June to September Deer Spotting Tours The sweet and shy whitetailed deer is a surprise native to Cura ao and though they like to hide park rangers know where to find them Did you know that there are beautiful whitetailed deer hiding in the park regions They can be very exclusive but taking a guided tour on foot or by land cruiser is your best chance of seeing them Cura ao white tailed deer is a local sub species that has adapted its behavior to the island s harsh climate in several interesting ways Experienced guides will take you to the best locations for deer spotting Along the way you will enjoy beautiful sceneries and experience the varied flora and fauna of the island Nights Cura ao 45

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ACTIVITIES Bird Watching Tours One would be surprised at how many species of birds you will find in the national parks if you know where to look Serious birders will enjoy adding many new species to their life lists like the rare native barn owl and amateur ornithologists will also enjoy the large variety of local and migratory birds that frequent the park You ll also see other wildlife when you take a guided birdwatching tour SHETE BOKA NATIONAL PARK Adjacent to Christoffel Park on the rocky north coast is Shete Boka National Park where you can witness primal forces of nature at work Boka stands for inlet and the translation of Shete Boka National Park is actually seven inlets In the national park you will find 4 bokas provided with specially built wooden viewing platforms from where you can see what the power of the water does to the coastline See the natural bridge of Boka Wandomi follow the hiking trail to the beautiful beach of Boka Kalki experience the shooting sound of Boka Pistol and enter the famous Boka Tabla cave Parking places are available at all viewpoints and you can walk to the boka in a few minutes Especially with the hot and burning Caribbean sun it can be more comfortable to grab the car between the bokas but this is not necessary You can also choose to walk from boka to boka along the marked trails Sea Turtle Conservation The Shete Boka national park was established in 1994 to protect important nesting areas for sea turtles Sea turtles are known to return to their place of birth to lay eggs again indicating the importance to protect the beaches of the Shete Boka national park 46 Nights Cura ao Throughout the nesting season of sea turtles running approximately from May to December researchers of the Carmabi foundation monitor the Shete Boka beaches for signs of nesting sea turtle activity The research that is conducted by Carmabi is vital to understanding the behavior of the sea turtles nesting at the Shete Boka national park Pocket bays The Shete Boka National Park has approximately 10 pocket bays where three species of sea turtles are known to lay eggs at in the park These three are the Hawksbill turtle the Loggerhead turtle and the Green turtle The Leatherback turtle the largest of the sea turtles is no longer nesting on Cura ao A detailed map of the pocket bays is available for purchase at the entrance of the park If You Go To book a tour call 5999 864 0363 or e mail at info christoffelpark org Both national parks have entrance fee and proceeds go to the park conservation Savonet Museum has a stand alone entrance fee but is also included in the Christoffel Park price For information visit www christoffelpark org CARMABI Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity is responsible for the ongoing preservation and protection of both parks

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ACTIVITIES Dolphin Academy A Generation of Kids and Dolphins Together on Cura ao This coming spring will mark the 20th anniversary of Dolphin Academy s opening here on the remarkable island of Cura ao Just think about that for a moment No one below the age of a young adult can remember a time when dolphins were not a regular part of their life s experience on the island They have literally grown up with the dolphins Likewise for the fourteen dolphins born right here over the years they can t imagine a life without visits from the children of Cura ao An entire generation of humans and dolphins have grown up together and that s something special Every year over 4000 local children of Cura ao are sponsored to visit Dolphin Academy for educational field trips They then have a chance to catch up with their old dolphin friends and meet any new additions born to the community since their last visit Lees blog in Nederlands 50 Nights Cura ao

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ACTIVITIES So who named the baby dolphins born at Dolphin Academy Their human cousins of course the kids of Cura ao When Dolphin Academy has a new baby dolphin the school children get together with their classmates and submit their favorite ideas for a name and the dolphin trainers put the best of the best to a vote Sometimes the quest for a new name can be very competitive as was the case in 2007 when the local word for a beautiful flower Kayena edged out other equally attractive names for a new baby girl By the way ten years later in 2017 Kayena became the first dolphin child of Cura ao to grow up and give birth to her own daughter Estrea which is an anagram of her grandmother Teresa On other occasions the choice was nearly unanimous like the case when a dolphin baby boy was born in 2009 on December 25th The name given by children was Pasku which is the local word for Christmas in Papiamento No one could resist Suku born in 2015 a little girl just as sweet as her namesake Papiamento for sugar More recently a dolphin girl born under a bright full moon in 2018 earned the obvious name Luna the word for moon in both Spanish and Papiamento For the children of Cura ao their relationship with the dolphins go beyond name only Many have had personal encounters with their favorite dolphin either during their school visits or even on their own time Never was this more evident than when local government allowed the Cura ao Sea Aquarium to first re open to residents after the Covid 19 lockdown of 2020 The dolphins were elated to have enthusiastic visitors after several weeks of quiet times and the kids were happy to see their old friends again Life with these marine mammals has helped motivate this generation of Cura ao Kids to be extra thoughtful considerate and protective not only of their dolphin family but of the natural treasure that is their beautiful island They ve learned that if we protect our resources we protect ourselves Don t be surprised if you see this generation inspire the conservation of Cura ao s beauty and nature for generations to come Nights Cura ao 51

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ACTIVITIES Things to do The best tours attractions and activities Serena s Art Factory www chichi curacao com 5999 738 0648 Miss Ann Boat Trips www missannboattrips com 599 9 767 1579 Treat yourself to a unique local art experience at Serena s Art Factory founded by Serena Janet Israel You ll discover the workplace of the famous and colorful Chichi sculptures painted by local women You can also paint your own Chichi sculpture during a lively instructive and enjoyable three hour workshop in the art garden every Tuesday and Saturday morning Open Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 5pm on the road to St Joris Baai Go on a Klein Cura ao adventure the 1 all inclusive daytrip Miss Ann boat trips takes you to paradise in just 1 hour with luxurious super yacht Serendipity Relax in a unique private beach house with all facilities and plenty of shade Get spoiled by Miss Ann s friendly crew with a delicious freshly made breakfast a finger licking BBQ lunch and cold beverages Explore the island get a massage join the snorkel safari with turtles or go on a guided dive to enjoy the mesmerizing underwater world of Klein Cura ao A real island experience you won t forget Alamo 88 Lasertag Outdoor www alamo cw 5999 869 4433 Create vacation memories by taking a scenic tour of the island by car Rent a car and discover the beauty of Cura ao Call Alamo Rent a Car or visit one of their locations at the Airport or the Lions Dive Hotel 52 Nights Cura ao www 88lasertag com 599 9 688 9787 The Island s No 1 Outdoor Laser Gaming Venue Laser tag is a non contact activity with high tech adrenaline pumping laser tag guns It provides birthday parties team bonding activities for kids teens and adults You shoot harmless infrared rays from your hightech laser tag gun with sounds and light effects A fun outdoor sport for almost all ages

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Where to play Activity Company g rfin dsu Wi n rd boa dle pad ng up keli nd nor S Sta ms seu Mu urs d to roa g off a ki n urs Kay d to olf Lan G ing Fish ling Cyc urs t to Boa tion rac Att ACTIVITIES Tel 5999 88 lasertag www 88lasertag com 688 9787 Animal Encounter www csapark com 461 8131 Aquafari www aquafari net 513 2625 ATV Buggy Tours www atvbuggytours com 540 5640 Blue Bay Cura ao Golf Beach Resort www bluebay curacao com 888 8800 BlueFinn www bluefinncharters com 690 3717 Breeze www breezecuracao com 666 7474 Captain RU www facebook com captainruboatcharters 692 9292 Carmabi research station www carmabi org 462 4242 Cas Abao Watersports www casaboudiveandwatersports com 515 5730 Chichi Jetski Tours www chichijetskitours com 521 9400 Children s Museum Cura ao www childrensmuseumcuracao org 737 5261 Christoffelpark www christoffelpark org 864 0363 Crystal Clear Cura ao www crystalclearcuracao com 673 6907 Cura ao Activities www curacaoactivities com 514 5338 Cura ao Ostrich Farm www curacaoostrichfarm com 747 2777 Cura ao Sea Aquarium www curaloe com 461 6666 CurAloe Plantation www curaloe com 767 5577 Dolphin Academy www dundutours com 465 8900 Dundu Tours www dundutours com 864 2425 Fish Charter Cura ao www fishchartercuracao com 529 3899 Hato Caves www curacaohatocaves com 868 0379 Irie tours www irietours com 767 9998 Jewish Cultural Historical Museum www jewishmuseumcuracao org 461 1633 Landhuis Bloemhof www bloemhof cw 737 5775 54 Nights Cura ao

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g rfin dsu Wi n rd boa dle pad ng i l up rke nd Sno Sta ms seu Mu urs d to roa g off a ki n urs Kay d to f Lan Gol ing Fish ling Cyc urs t to Boa tion rac Att Where to play Activity Company Tel 5999 Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei Mini Golf www brakkeputmeimei com 767 1500 Landhuis Chobolobo www chobolobo com 461 3526 Maritime museum www curacaomaritime com 465 2327 Miss Ann Boat Trips www missannboattrips com 767 1579 Mister Paradise www mister paradise com 515 8004 Mongui Maduro Museum www monguimaduromuseum com 737 5182 Nigrita Henna Tattoo www facebook com Nigritacuracao 521 8742 Ocean Encounters www oceanencounters com 694 0025 Ocean Lens www csapark com 461 6666 Old Quarry Golf Course www oldquarrygolfcuracao com 840 6886 Pelican Express www pelicanboattrips com 465 8388 PocketGuide www pocketguideaudiotours com Rasta Tours Cura ao Boat Trips www rasta tours com 565 1212 Rock Climbing Cura ao www rockclimbingcuracao com 664 3134 Savonet Museum www christoffelpark org savonet museum 864 0363 Scuba Do www divecenterscubado com 767 9300 Seaworld Explorer Cura ao www curacao atlantisadventures com 461 0011 Serena s Art Factory www chichi curacao com 738 0648 Shete Boka www shetebokapark org 864 0363 Substation Cura ao www supcuracao com 465 2051 SUP Cura ao www supcuracao com 738 0883 Tourism Management Cura cao www tmcuracao com 519 1106 Wanna Bike www wannabike com 527 3720 Windsurfing Cura ao www windsurfingcuracao com 738 0883 ZUP Boarding www facebook com tripandtreatcuracao 526 7406 Recommended Nights Cura ao 55

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MUSEUMS Museums of Cura ao the historical journey Cura ao might be small but it is a charming destination characterized by a fascinating history From the colonization of the island by the Dutch the impressive economic growth of its port industry the heritage of its culture the slavery period followed by emancipation There is so much to talk about and to learn about this magnificent island I invite you to go on an historical voyage by visiting the various museums of the island of Cura ao which will certainly captivate you while you are exploring the information within their walls Those museums are beyond what you can expect since they are all part of historic monuments and are located either in the city center or scattered in between the more natural parts of the island SAVONET MUSEUM Travel back in time with a visit to the Savonet Museum located at the entrance of the beautiful Christoffel national park This former plantation house built in 1662 is an important cultural site to visit for its well kept structures and artifacts from the past This unique landmark allows its visitors to recount the social evolution of Cura ao through the story of the island s first inhabitants the plantation s owners and the enslaved people Different exhibits are presented for you to witness the situation of the distinct groups of the slavery period as well as the evolution of the civilization and customs following emancipation To get in depth with all the details you can do an audio tour or a guided tour with a local guide Visit www christoffelpark org for more information 56 Nights Cura ao

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MUSEUMS MONGUI MADURO MUSEUM Once you pass through the doors of Landhuis Rooi Catootje be ready to relive some events of the Levy Maduro family Former plantation house Rooi Catootje is home to the Mongui Maduro Museum for which everything started when S E L Maduro gifted his wife this plantation house back in 1853 Within these walls you will get to immerse yourself into the past and learn about the influences of this renowned family in the social cultural and economic history of Curacao Not only will you get to read about their colorful life but you will also witness genuine antiques and artifacts from this era of Curacao Visit www maduromuseum com for more information JEWISH CULTURAL HISTORICAL MUSEUM As you stroll through the quaint streets of Punda you will surely notice the Mikv Israel Emanuel Synagogue which was built in 1732 Visit the imposing sanctuary and our museum across the inner courtyard to learn about almost 400 years of Jewish life on the island With exhibits that explore the arrival of the first Jew to Cura ao in 1634 to the social cultural and economic impact of Jews on the Caribbean Island the museum provides visitors with an in depth look into the past and present Jewish communities of Cura ao Visitors also gain a first hand look through various films and videos in the museum Visit www jewishmuseumcuracao org for more information Nights Cura ao 57

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MUSEUMS CURA AO MARITIME MUSEUM Did you know that Cura ao has one of the oldest and busiest harbors in the Caribbean Once you are visiting the hidden gems of the ABC islands you will quickly notice the importance of the maritime activities all around the island Located in a monumental building in the Scharloo district the Cura ao Maritime Museum has a 3 story permanent exhibition sharing 500 years of history of Cura ao s natural harbor The museum presents a retrospective view of this economic center starting with the arrival of the indigenous people Caquetios who crossed the sea with their canoes Later the Spanish and Dutch explorers slave trade and modern social activities The maritime prosperity of the island is celebrated with the demonstration of original nautical charts ship models and navigational equipment Due to its strategic location on international trade routes in the Atlantic Ocean and its large natural port 58 Nights Cura ao Cura ao has been an important commercial center since its colonization by the Netherlands The museum also highlights the arrival of the oil refinery in 1918 which is directly connected to the harbor as well as the mission of the Dutch Royal Navy to protect the island If you wish to further explore the maritime history of Cura ao you can join the guided boat tour through the Schottegat harbor This tour will give you the opportunity to see with your own eyes the dayto day activities of the port accompanied by an interesting narrative about past stories Visit www curacaomaritime com for more information Lees blog in Nederlands

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BEACHES top beaches ON CURA AO As Nature s playground for sea turtles and dolphins Cura ao is also known for its turquoise seas tropical reefs secluded outlets and spectacular vistas Sunbathe on one of the Best Beaches on Earth swim and kayak in calm crystal waters or unleash your inner beachcomber as you sink your feet in soft white sand Start with our favorites below then discover your own Here s a list of 13 favorites You ll also enjoy discovering the others Playa Piskado Grandi This coveted beach is known by the locals for its perfect fishing setting and by the tourists for the presence of turtles This tiny distinguished beach is an exciting place to snorkel with turtles in their natural habitat in between the colorful wooden fishing boats While you can also enjoy the spectacle of the natural beauty of this seashore from a pier you shall witness the fisherman gathering to clean their catch of the day right at the seaside Location West Coast Ideal for Swimming snorkeling fishing Facilities Parking nearby restaurants Accessible by Car taxi bus Playa Kalki White sands set against beautiful hills limestone cliffs and a green uncrowded environment have earned Playa Kalki a place on Travel Leisure s list of the Best Beaches on Earth For the diving enthusiast the waters are full of natural life and there s even an old airplane wreck to explore The beach is often featured on postcards so bring your camera Location West Coast Ideal for Snorkelers divers sunbathers Facilities Parking shade snack bar dive shop Accessible by Car taxi 60 Nights Cura ao

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BEACHES Grote Knip Grote Knip Playa Kenepa Blue Bay Take the scenic road to one of Cura ao s bestknown beaches with its stunningly beautiful vistas and spectacular sunsets Surrounded by high rocks Playa Kenepa is a favorite with both locals and tourists yet rarely feels overcrowded because it s so long Families love the beach because the kids can play safely in the turquoise blue waters Playa Kenepa is also a great place for snorkelers sunbathers and beach walkers Cura ao s largest beach is popular with local families and visitors for its soft white sands shady palms shallow waters and many facilities Lying near the fishing village of St Michiel Blue Bay is also well set up for diving sea kayaking or just relaxing with a tropical drink Children in particular enjoy the playground and pool Location West Coast Ideal for Divers families sunbathers Facilities Parking snack bar Accessible by Car taxi bus Location Southwest Coast Ideal for Families swimming watersports Facilities Parking bar restaurant beach rentals showers toilets nearby golf Accessible by Car taxi bus TREAT YOURSELF TO THE SYR MIX WELLNESS MASSAGE Your stay on the island of Cura ao is the perfect occasion for you to unwind and relax Syreal born in Cura ao is a certified and licensed massage therapist which has been following her passion since she was 17 years old With a mix of unique massaging techniques obtained from working and studying in Cura ao the Netherlands Honduras Argentina and Brazil for the past 18 years she is highly qualified to give massage and therapy to babies kids adults athletes the elderly expecting mothers and people with intellectual limitations Treat yourself to a soul cleansing or invigorating massage therapy It will be one of the best experiences you will ever have Even though you would want to take her back home in your suitcase she d rather stay in the warmth of Cura ao giving others the best massage of their lives Syreal S Aniceta Certified Licensed Massage Therapist WWW SYRMASSAGE COM Phone 5999 682 5024 523 0243 ssaniceta gmail com Nights Cura ao 61

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BEACHES It all happens at Jan Thiel Beach Do you dream of going somewhere tropical where you could spend an unforgettable vacation This is exactly what Jan Thiel Beach is all about As much as this beach is known for its gastronomy and a wide variety of cocktails it is also a great place for the whole family and sports enthusiast There is a great reef to explore while snorkeling different beach tennis and volleyball courts to get your game on Known for its attractive European atmosphere its calm beaches overlooking the warm Caribbean Ocean and a variety of restaurants and bars you are assured to have the time of your life at Jan Thiel Beach This upscale stretch of unique outlets keeps impressing its visitors with vibrant entertainment and dynamic ambiance Here are some must go restaurants you should tic off your Cura ao bucket list while visiting Jan Thiel Beach Koko s for its colorful street food dishes and signature cocktails served in an instagrammable setting that screams weekend every day of the week 62 Nights Cura ao Happy hours and entertainment all happens at Jan Thiel Beach as well Tinto Bar y Cocina for its Argentinian sharing dish concept and well chosen wine selection that will transport you to the land of Tango Eat drink and be merry while enjoying a beautiful sunset next to the ocean Zanzibar for its whole concept revolving around the beach You simply can t resist enjoying tasty pizzas and frozen drinks with the whole family while having your feet in the sand Zest Restaurant for your chance to enjoy a dinner prepared carefully with fresh ingredients and a touch of local influences in a lavish environment Zest Beach Caf for its luxurious yet laidback setting Imagine having a well made coffee or fresh smoothie in the morning in the comfort of a cabana that overlooks the majestic Caribbean Sea It s also the ideal place to treat yourself to a delightful poke bowl at one of the candlelit picnic tables

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BEACHES The island of Cura ao and Jan Thiel Beach is known for its lively happy hours Follow the sounds of the instruments and the hypnotizing voices of artists as the unplugged beach session rocks Zanzibar every Wednesday evening from 19 30 until 22 30 On Thursdays you are invited to join a mouth watering lobster night at the one and only Zest Restaurant while every Friday there is a Spritz happy hour at Zest Beach Caf Don t be surprised if you end up dancing your night away as a DJ is taking care of the ambiance Starting at 17 00 Zanzibar is the place to be every Saturday for its famous happy hour as the sun starts going down Finally Sunday Funday is spelled out with a whole afternoon spent dancing under the sun feet in the sand to the beat of a DJ Jan Thiel Beach is definitely an exciting one stop destination for you to fully enjoy your time on the fabulous island of Cura ao After all all happens at Jan Thiel Beach www janthielbeach com 5999 7470633 Nights Cura ao 63

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BEACHES Kleine Knip Kleine Knip Less touristy than other beaches this small but beautiful stretch of white sand offers great snorkeling calm blue waters and an intimate atmosphere The beach is usually quiet on weekdays but during the weekend Little Knip is a favorite with local families for playing swimming and barbecues Facilities are limited so bring your own food and drinks sit back and watch the sunset Location West Coast Ideal for Snorkeling picnics sunbathing families Facilities Parking Accessible by Car taxi bus Kokomo Beach This little piece of heaven is one of the best spots to have a good time Kokomo is home to a beautiful seacoast where there are always new things happening You won t be able to resist dancing barefoot in the sand as live music sessions take place during the weekend Its restaurant will also blow away your mind with its fresh and delicious menu items after hiking one of the trails surrounding the beach As the sun sets in the ocean take a swing over the crystal clear water to take in the magnificence of this picturesque beach Location South Coast Ideal for Snorkeling swimming sunbathing entertainments scuba diving families Facilities Parking Accessible by Car taxi bus 64 Nights Cura ao

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BEACHES Daaibooi Playa Lagun Daaibooi Playa Lagun Location Southwest Coast Ideal for Families sunbathing hiking and barbecuing Facilities Parking restaurant beach rentals toilets showers shade Accessible by Car taxi bus Location Northwest Coast Ideal for Snorkeling divers sunbathing and families Facilities Parking beach rentals toilets showers shade nearby restaurant Accessible by Car taxi bus This natural beach is true a lover among the locals At Daaibooi you can find large families enjoying their weekends barbecuing with their loved ones surrounded by the stunning scenery Hike one of the several trails on the cliffs to see a phenomenal view of the Caribbean Sea This well maintained beach is equipped with simple and comfortable facilities to enjoy a perfect day with family and friends in a pleasant atmosphere One of the most photogenic beaches in Cura ao can be found in a hidden bay The pristine beach with fantastic views is surrounded by high rock formations With fishing boats lying on the beach it makes Playa Lagun a true and charming beauty The beautiful underwater world will also not be disappointing with its crystal clear water Grab your gear and snorkel along the rocks in the water If you re lucky you can also spot some sea turtles Nights Cura ao 65

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BEACHES Cas Abao Lees blog in Nederlands Cas Abao Klein Cura ao Like a scene from a beach movie Cas Abao offers white sands crystal clear waters swaying palms shady parasols and tropical reefs A raft for sunbathing and playing is moored off the beach and an exciting range of watersports is available It is the ideal setting to relax while getting a seaside massage then chill out at a bar or dine at a restaurant with a varied menu Snorkeling and diving are real treats on this small island about 15 miles southeast of mainland Cura ao Spot sea turtles dolphins and other exciting marine creatures in the crystal clear waters Or walk the beach of powdery fine sand that encircles Klein Cura ao Day tours and charter boats are available for the trip which takes about two hours each way Location Southwest Coast Ideal for Swimming sunbathing diving families people watching Facilities Parking shade watersports toilets showers refreshments Accessible by Car taxi Location Southeast of the mainland Ideal for Diving walking getting away from it all Facilities Limited check when booking Accessible by Boat Playa Porto Mari Sea Aquarium Beach Mambo Beach A busy tourist beach for relaxing snorkeling and fun in the sun with family or friends The blue sea has a smooth sandy bottom perfect for the kids Playa Porto Mari also features a covered picnic area beach parasols chair rentals and a great seaside restaurant with a spectacular view If you are lucky you might even encounter some wild pigs sunbathing on the beach or playing in the water Everything needed to make a day of it awaits you Location Southwest Coast Ideal for Swimming snorkeling families sunbathing Facilities Parking bar and restaurant showers toilets Accessible by Car taxi 66 Nights Cura ao Calm shallow waters protected by a carefully placed breakwater make swimming conditions ideal here especially for children White sand and majestic palm trees for shade complete the picture Sea Aquarium Beach or also known as Mambo Beach offers shopping boutiques chair and umbrella rentals plus a watersports center as well Refreshments and other facilities also make it easy to spend a whole day here without leaving the beach Location South Coast Ideal for Swimming snorkeling families sunbathing shopping Facilities Parking bars and restaurants shower toilets nearby shops Accessible by Car taxi bus

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CULINAIR Culinary tourS through Cura ao by Susan Campbell This island s culinary scene is as eclectic and colorful as its historic Handelskade so you ll find flavors from all around the world waiting to satisfy every craving and dining style The port as a melting pot Cura ao s deep water harbor and its strategic location were the impetus behind its popularity as an ideal hub for trade and defense throughout the centuries People from all over the world passed through this crossroads of the Caribbean and often left behind traces of their cultures and cuisines And sometimes they stayed Today there are over 50 nationalities calling Cura ao home so it is no wonder the dining scene is such a kaleidoscope of flavors and styles Lees blog in Nederlands 68 Nights Cura ao Downtown Punda also has a bevy of beautiful historic sites perches and courtyards where you can enjoy a wide range of epicurean experiences

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CULINAIR Take your palate on a global tour Cura ao s creative chefs delight in fusing flavors and they often compete as a team in the annual Taste of the Caribbean competitions a culinary Olympics of sorts hosted by CHTA Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association in Miami And they often bring back gold But when at home they compete against each other to continually raise the bar of culinary excellence so it s the diner that always wins Prepare your taste buds for a whirlwind tour of the world in establishments that specialize in all kinds of different cuisines Dutch Italian Latin American Asian Mexican French Lebanese Mediterranean Indonesian Surinamese even African the sky is the limit You ll also enjoy fine American style steakhouses trendy Asian sushi bars Spanish tapas as well as Brazilianand Argentinean style grills Caribbean style barbecue and of course seafood and fresh fish Discover true foodie neighborhoods For those who like their gourmet explorations all within easy walking distance then Pietermaai neighborhood is the ideal place to begin There you will find all kinds of interesting avant garde and offbeat nooks where you can expand your culinary horizons The district is jam packed with everything from seaside South Beachstyle dining to Dutch style brown bar caf s and family run restaurants specializing in local fare There s even a dining spot in an old monastery and the entire neighborhood is awash in beautifully restored colonial buildings Nights Cura ao 69

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CULINAIR Downtown Punda also has a bevy of beautiful historic sites perches and courtyards where you can enjoy a wide range of epicurean experiences Dine along the historic Handelskade where you can watch the ships go by and don t forget to visit the unique Floating Market to try exotic fruits and vegetables Local eats and secret finds True foodies always want to try authentic regional dishes so start at Plasa Bieu Old Market in Willemstad to try some stobas stews and sopas soups that make up a typical Cura aoan meal The stews are usually made from goat chicken or beef and served with sides of funchi a cornmeal polenta and tutu black eyed peas and cornmeal and fried plantains The soups can range from seafood chowder to tripe mondongo and slimy soup is also a unique native dish made with either okra or even cactus And do try keshi yena when you see it on a menu in any dining spot This national dish is a rich combination made with Gouda cheese meat or seafood rice raisins spices and peppers Venezuelan and Indonesian influences have also taken deep root here look for lomito and fries or bami and sate with peanut sauce in the take outs and truki pans food trucks Pastechis are also a fast food favorite of fried dough pockets filled with meat seafood or cheese For a special treat head out to Shete Boka on a Sunday to try pumpkin pancakes from the roadside stands Of course fresh fish and seafood is a Cura ao staple catch of the day is served everywhere and when it s done krioyo local style it s typically pan fried with a rich red creole style sauce Also look for lionfish on the menus The invasive species is a threat to the reefs so Eat Em to Beat Em is the motto and their meat is very light and delicate and amenable to all sorts of culinary experimentations 70 Nights Cura ao Fine emporiums unique experiences Sometimes it s as much about where you dine as what you eat that makes an occasion extra special and this island has all kinds of lovely venues bound to satisfy every mood How about dining in a historic fort overlooking the port Or how about feasting in a man made rainforest jungle surrounded by animals You can also indulge in many beautifully resorted century old plantation houses in lush gardens or in historic urban mansions turned bespoke dining rooms There are many cliff top perches overlooking wild and restless seas and definitely romantic toes in the sand surfside dining on the beach also abounds Family dining can include extra fun if you head to a super sized air conditioned mall with lots of entertainment like movies and arcades There are many specialty shops dotted around the island with gourmet cheeses local spirits as well as homemade ice cream and gelato in fact the entire courtyard of the Rif Fort is a bonanza of foodie finds all in one spot You can also enjoy eating on terraces with live music or beside resort infinity pools And many hotels will arrange private dinners for two on the beach or gourmet picnics to go For the ultimate epicurean treat seek out the special chef s choice three to five course dinners paired with fine wines offered at upscale dining emporiums and sample the very best of Cura ao s culinary talent

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Nights Cura ao 71

Page 74

CULINAIR Local food Cura ao The island s local cuisine cominda local is an interesting mix of cultures and influences but there are some truly unique dishes worth seeking out that you ll seldom find anywhere else Kabritu Cura ao has many goats all over the island so it is not a surprise that it is also a popular local food Kabritu is a hearty dish with tender meat is full of flavor thanks to all the herbs in it At Williwood a popular stop for many during a road trip at Banda Abou they serve delicious Kabritu Burgers Stoba Stoba is an Antillean stew One of the best known is the Karni stob This is a beef stew Many Antilleans often start cooking the karni stob early sometimes days in advance because the meat needs to simmer for a long time Bolo Pretu Bolo Pretu literally means black cake Bolo Pretu is a traditional Antillean black cake You make it with many kinds of liquor dried fruits and nuts This cake is mostly eaten at weddings 72 Nights Cura ao Pastechi Pastechi s are served in many different countries in different ways and at different moments In Cura ao pastechi s are a deep fried dough with various filling like cheese beef chicken or codfish They are mostly eaten during morning hours Truk i Pan Food trucks are all the rage lately but on the island we have our own food truck scene Most food trucks open after 7 pm and stay open till deep in the night Grabbing a late night bite at a Truk i Pan is the perfect way to refuel after a night of intense dancing Choose between fries with grilled chicken breast meat or fish or swap the fries and choose a sandwich Bolo di Kashupete Cashew Cake This is a very traditional cake on this island It consists of a vanilla cake covered with thick sweetened cashew cream This cake is often eaten at special occasions

Page 75

Funchi Funchi is a corn dish made from white or yellow cornmeal Funchi and is commonly eaten in Aruba Cura ao en Bonaire as a substitute for potatoes or rice It is prepared by boiling water and salt in a pan and then on low heat gradually adding the corn flour while stirring Arepa Arepa is a traditional dish and very popular on this Caribbean Island Arepa s are corn based puff patties and are similar to a light pita bread They are crispy on the outside soft on the inside and filled with different ingredients such as cheese meat corn or avocado A traditional dish that is definitely worth trying Arepa di Pampuna Arepa di Pampuna is a sweet pumpkin pancake that is mostly eaten in between meals as breakfast or as dessert Though pumpkin is mostly used during the fall season for other countries In Cura ao they eat this dish all year around Lees blog in Nederlands Awa di Lamunchi Awa di lamunchi is a super fresh summer drink that is often drunk in Cura ao It is made from freshly squeezed lime with water and possibly sugar or honey Nights Cura ao 73

Page 76

CULINAIR Cura ao Eats Cozy restaurants and first class caf s Cafelito C Spice Cafelito is a all day every day brunch dinner cafe At Cafelito they don t stick to meal times Why Because they know what it s like to crave fries with a mimosa on the side at Sunday Morning or when you feel like eating steak for lunch Gamba s at 11 o clock why not At Cafelito it is all possible Dine in a vibrant and relaxing atmosphere at the dynamic fine dining restaurant of Cura ao Marriott Beach Resort C Spice serves as the resort s signature restaurant and guests can enjoy bold flavors while overlooking the Caribbean Sea The restaurant offers an inviting open kitchen concept and cosmopolitan ambience that reflects their motto Eat live and love with flavor Jaanchie Kushina Kayente www cafelitocuracao com Reservations 5999 788 5775 Facebook Jaanchie s Restaurant Reservations 5999 864 0126 Cura ao s oldest restaurant is an attraction on its own and a must visit place to eat for many reasons Jaanchie s Restaurant is known for a unique culinary experience while being entertained by the chirping yellow bananaquits birds Taste different specialties of the island such as iguana Jaanchie s is a perfect place to connect with the local culture during your vacation 74 Nights Cura ao www curacao marriott curpb com Reservations 5999 736 8800 Facebook Kushina Kayente Discover the Caribbean in a Taco Try one of Kushina Kayente s Caribbean Mexican dishes while enjoying a delicious cocktail and great ambiance A must try is their signature dish Taco el Pastor This traditional Mexican street food dish consists of a tortilla with crispy roasted pork Immerse yourself in the world of a blend between Mexico and the Caribbean

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CULINAIR Fort Nassau Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei Situated high upon a hill at the harbor s entrance Fort Nassau has a beautiful 360 degree view over part of the island and the city of Willemstad with the unique bridges that connect Punda and Otrobanda At nights a sea of lights stretches to the horizon offering a most spectacular view Lunch and dinner are served in the semi open air restaurant which offers casual fine dining By creatively combining the international kitchen with Caribbean and local ingredients their chef developed his own cooking style which can be described as surprising and innovative The lovely open air terrace of this authentic 18th century plantation house offers charcoal grilled specialties in a tropical ambiance Typical Caribbean dishes vegetarian offerings and a special children s menu add to the choices and all meals come with a trip to the salad bar Lobster Night Thursdays and the beautiful grounds are perfect for hosting special events The Pier Jan Thiel Beach Restaurants www fortnassau com Reservations 5999 461 3450 www thepiercuracao com Reservations 5999 747 7778 Savor The Pier s culinary experience with beautiful surroundings at the Spanish waters Indulgence yourself with a gentle breeze and bask in the beautiful scenery while enjoying one of the local caught fresh fish With the team s passion for great food and quality fresh ingredients the restaurant offers a great variety of international dishes The Pier is loved by many locals and visitors www brakkeputmeimei com Reservations 5999 767 1500 www janthielbeach com Reservations 5999 7470633 A Walhalla for foodies Jan Thiel Beach offers a diversity of culinary relaxation with its 5 unique restaurants at the beach Every outlet has its own cuisine and ambiance Find out which one suits you best for your breakfast lunch or dinner Zanzibar Beach Restaurant Koko s Tinto Bar y Cocina Zest Restaurant and Zest Beach Caf Nights Cura ao 75

Page 78

CULINAIR Whimsical Williwood What do wild flamingos a Dutch saint goat burgers a Hollywood style sign a landmark church a historic plantation and gorgeous beaches have in common Head to the interior to find out The tiny community of St Willibrordus just 12 miles northwest of Willemstad was originally named after Willibrord a Northumbrian missionary saint and you ll find his namesake church dating back to the 1880s still rising majestically out of the scrubby wilderness there and still in operation But there s more to this special little corner of Cura ao that up until recently was barely a blip along the roadside It s now becoming famous since it changed its name 76 Nights Cura ao More as a joke than a marketing plan locals erected a gigantic sign that resembles the iconic Hollywood landmark but spells Williwood instead Standing tall in the middle of nowhere it s hard to miss and as it brought more attention to the area locals decided to officially change the name of the town to Williwood And now refer to themselves as Williwoodians They also created a map to point out the surrounding attractions like the wild flamingo sanctuary the historic plantation of Landhuis Jan Kok the drop dead gorgeous beaches of Porto Mari and Daibooi and the nexus of the community Toko Williwood the original home of Cura ao s now famous goat burger also known as a the Williburger Look for the goat shaped grill to find the lively terrace of locals and visitors enjoying authentic island fare there and to learn all about the region You can also buy Williwood themed keepsakes at the little shop next door Facebook com Williwood experience

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Als o Ava ila ble at P lay a Po rt om a ri Pa p ag ayo B e ach Re so rt The Original House Of The Williburger is Toko Williwood St Willibrordus Nr 3 Tel 5999 8648340 williburgerclub gmail com Nights Cura ao 77 www williburger club

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CULINAIR The oldest restaurant of Cura ao Jaanchie s While planning on exploring the different activities to do in Westpunt you should beyond any doubt plan a stop at Jaanchie s Restaurant as this iconic venue is an attraction on its own Jaanchie s is the oldest restaurant in Cura ao and is a must stop place to eat for so many reasons As you pass through the front door you will instantly feel as you entered your grandmother s house as an inviting ambiance and recomforting smell define the eatery You will certainly be charmed by this culinary experience as yellow bananaquits birds will be entertaining you while eating as they overcrowd the garden forming the front part of the restaurant If you are looking to connect with the local culture during your vacation it is a great place to consider as you will get to meet Mr Jaanchie himself No hard copy menu will be given to you as he will be explaining the dishes of the day to you It s the perfect opportunity for you to taste different specialties of the island such as stews with chicken goat 78 Nights Cura ao Jaanchie s is the oldest restaurant in Cura ao and is a must stop place to eat for so many reasons or iguana It is definitely the ideal place to truly explore the different flavors of Cura ao Located in the heart of the most scenic area on the west side of the island this main attraction can fortunately keep serving its amazing food in its own unique way as a crowdfunding was organized during the pandemic with the mission to preserve this emblematic food stop after 60 years of being open Facebook Jaanchie s Restaurant

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Nights Cura ao 79

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CULINAIR Where to eat Restaurant Scan for more where to eat Tel 5999 Cuisine Location Kushina Kayente Caribbean Mexican Caracasbaaiweg The Pier International Seafood Caracasbaaiweg 747 7778 Brisa Do Mar Pop s Place Local Seafood Caracasbaaiweg 747 6688 Tabooshh International Caracasbaaiweg 403 N 747 5555 Koko s International Jan Thiel Beach z n 747 0633 Tinto Bar Y Cocina Shared Dining Jan Thiel Beach z n 747 0633 Zanzibar Beach Restaurant International Jan Thiel Beach z n 747 0633 Zest Beach Caf International Jan Thiel Beach z n 747 0633 Zest Restaurant International Jan Thiel Beach z n 747 0633 Brakkeput Mei Mei Steak Seafood Grill Kaminda Brodernan di Brakepoti z n 767 1500 Kyoto Sushi Kaya rtiko 735 0041 JAN THIEL WILLEMSTAD Caf de Tijd Eetbar Op Op Barbecue Pietermaai 1 7 464 0987 Eetcafe de Buren International Wilhelminaplein 670 1160 Pleincafe Wilhelmina International Wilhelminaplein 461 9666 Gouverneur De Rouville Caribbean International De Rouvilleweg 9 462 5999 Ceviche 91 Gastrobar Ceviche Tapas Rif Fort Renaissance Mall 4th Floor 841 4404 Gondola Italian Rif Fort Renaissance Mall 525 2900 Porto Cura ao Restaurant Seafood International Rif Fort Renaissance Mall 465 6605 Steak Ribs Restaurant Steakhouse Rif Fort Renaissance Mall 462 9454 MAMBO Baoase Beach Restaurant International Asian Winterswijkstraat 2 461 1799 Mood Beach International Seafood Bapor Kibra z n 465 1200 Nemo Sushi Bapor Kibra z n 461 7555 Piazza Cura ao Italian Bapor Kibra z n 465 2544 Chill BBQ Bapor Kibra z n 434 8888 Hemingway International Bapor Kibra z n 465 0740 Kenchi Bigeye Scad Seafood Seafood Corneliesbaai 679 3806 Bonita Beach Club International Mambo Beach Blvd 735 1521 Bocas Steakhouse Mambo Beach Blvd 690 7775 El Grill Mexicano Mexican Mambo Beach Blvd 461 1056 Origami Sushi Sushi Mambo Beach Blvd 461 9009 Pizza Mare Italian Mambo Beach Blvd 788 0006 Tandoori Heights Indian Mambo Beach Blvd 685 0939 The Greenhouse Lebanese Greek Mambo Beach Blvd 461 9009 80 Nights Cura ao Recommended

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Nights Cura ao 81

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CULINAIR Where to eat Scan for more where to eat Tel 5999 Restaurant Cuisine Location Madero Ocean Club International Mambo Beach Blvd 465 0073 PIETERMAAI Blues Bar Restaurant Grill International Avila Beach Hotel 788 1949 Restaurant The Pen International Avila Beach Hotel 788 1949 Serafina Italian Lombokstraat 560 7077 BKLYN International Loodstraat 1 461 8845 Obaar Brazilian Lounge Brazilian Loodstraat 3 522 3908 Mundo Bizarro International Nieuwestraat 12 461 6767 Ginger Caribbean Asian Nieuwestraat 32 512 5777 Altijd in de buurt International Nieuwestraat 46 788 4513 DUTCH Cura ao Dutch Nieuwestraat 48 522 5152 Mosa Ca a Shared Dining Penstraat 41 691 5429 Fish Joy Seafood Penstraat 57 461 884 Nultwintig Caribbean Seafood Penstraat 300 465 6066 Cafe Old Dutch Mediterranean Pietermaai 25 465 7225 BijBlauw International Pietermaai 82 84 650 0550 Los Caballeros Latin American Pizza Pietermaai 86 524 5536 De Heeren Sea International Pietermaai 104 465 2575 Blackjack International Pietermaai 144 465 3710 Saint Tropez Oceanclub International Pietermaai 152 461 7727 Lemongrass Asian Blue Bay Cura ao Golf Beach Resort 888 8800 C Spice Caribbean Mediterranean Cura ao Marriott Beach Resort 736 8800 De Visserij Seafood Piscaderabaai 521 0000 Pirate Bay Cura ao Restaurant International Piscaderabaai 461 0183 Tomatoes Pizza Italian Piscaderabaai 461 0152 Cravings Sushi Sushi Promenade Shopping Center 736 6711 Cafelito Mediterranean Sali a Galleries C103 788 5775 Fort Nassau International Fort Nassau Hill 461 3450 Omundo International Zuikertuintje Shopping Mall 738 8477 De Heeren International Zuikertuintje Shopping Mall 736 0491 Amazonia International Weg naar Santa Catharina 67 528 0494 Ostrich Farm African Weg naar Groot Sint Joris z n 747 2777 Williwood Toko Local St Willibrordus 3 864 8340 Karakter Caribbean International Coral Estate 864 2233 Koraal Rooftop Terrace International Coral Estate 735 2884 Cas Abao Beach Bar Cas Abao Beach 463 6367 Jaanchies Restaurant Local Seafood Westpunt Road 15 864 0126 OTHER 82 Nights Cura ao Recommended

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Nights Cura ao 83

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STAY Where to stay Resort Hotel Scan for more where to stay Tel 5999 Rooms Units Academy Hotel Cura ao 461 9319 42 ACOYA Resort Villas Spa 788 2800 150 Avila Beach Hotel 788 1949 150 Baoase Luxury Resort 461 1799 23 Bario Hotel 510 2347 27 Bayside Boutique Hotel 844 5555 36 Bed Bike Jan Thiel 843 8383 24 Bed Bike Pietermaai 843 7373 32 Blue Bay Cura ao Golf Beach Resort 888 8800 35 Boho Bohemian Boutique Hotel 528 3879 9 Bon Bini Seaside Resort 461 8000 28 Boutique Hotel t Klooster 461 2650 24 Boutique Hotel BijBlauw 650 0550 11 Chogogo Resort 747 2844 160 City Suites Cura ao 465 1551 43 Coral Estate Luxury Resort 724 3810 53 Corendon Mangrove Beach Resort 434 0650 399 Cura ao Airport Hotel 868 8044 60 Cura ao Marriott Beach Resort 736 8800 336 Cura ao Suites Hotel 461 3146 17 Dolphin Suites 465 2700 21 Dreams Cura ao Resort Spa Casino 462 5000 196 Kontiki Beach Resort 463 1600 80 Kunuku Aqua Resort 864 4455 213 Kura Hulanda Village Spa 434 7700 82 Lions Dive Beach Resort 434 8888 102 Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort 747 0332 130 Morena Resort 747 3737 74 38 Papagayo Beach Hotel Resort 747 4333 155 75 Pietermaai Boutique Hotel 465 0478 47 Renaissanse Cura ao Resort Casino 435 5000 223 14 Saint Tropez Boutique Hotel 465 0885 20 San Marco Hotel Casino 461 2988 80 Sandals Royal Cura ao 726 3257 351 Scuba Lodge 465 2575 22 Sunscape Cura ao Resort Spa Casino 736 7888 341 The Beach House Cura ao 461 0004 24 The Ritz Village Hotel 844 9950 76 The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort 465 6699 30 Trupial Inn Hotel Casino 737 8200 98 Zo try Cura ao Resort Spa 462 5000 72 Rest Beach Pool Tennis Recommended 84 Nights Cura ao

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STAY Stylish Stay Dolphin Suites A stylish boutique hotel offering comfortable accommodation to everyone especially unique for its accessibility and services for guests with special needs Dolphin Suites is one of the pearls of Cura ao loved by couples and families seeking to stay close to Mambo Beach who want to enjoy the comfort of a small and peaceful accommodation offering all the facilities they need Dip into the sustainable pool for excellent body treatment A water treatment of magnesium and salt minerals stimulates healthy skin an eases muscle pain Their spa treatments are offered to revitalize and enjoy a deepening relaxation on vacation 5999 465 2700 www dolphinsuites curacao com info dolphinsuites curacao com Nights Cura ao 85

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NIGHTBEAT Where s the party by Susan Campbell Jan Thiel Beach Cura ao s exciting party scene is scattered all over the island but we have the inside scoop on where all the action is day and night Just follow our lead to find all the fun Pietermaai something for every party style This is the trendiest district on the island with so much to offer in such a small grid And you need not wait for the sun to set to get in the party spirit Day time bring your bathing suit to enjoy French Riviera style lounging at Saint Tropez Ocean Club s infinity pool on the sea Or take a dip at Los Caballeros a unique city beach bar with live music Saturday nights You can also enjoy a seafront pool and bar at the gorgeous new beach club Nultwintig After dark find outdoor live music at Mr Porter Street Caf or head to Blue Bird Cafe where they fuse local art and music together Explore the surreal d cor of Mundo Bizarro which has hot salsa dancing to live music Mosa Ca a gastro bar has a lively Latin Caribbean vibe or if you d rather party throwback style head to BKLYN for 90 s hip hop Tuesday nights the young Dutch 86 Nights Cura ao party people gather at Bar P to raise the roof with the island s hottest DJs For quieter vibes seek out Fish Joy Bistro Wine Bar or find the new Ochenta Cocktail Bar for creatively hand crafted drinks Thursday nights don t miss landmark Blues Bar at the Avila Beach Hotel Their legendary pier venue is known for the best live jazz bands perched right over their bar And the new Obaar Brazilian Lounge also has live bands and DJs on a stage directly above their bar Such fun

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NIGHTBEAT Mambo Beach Blvd surfside party central Mambo Beach Blvd is a multilevel complex of bars restaurants and shops right on the sea It s party central day and night Barefoot barhop to discover so many places side by side Friday is the most popular happy hour day but it s Wednesday nights when the big party blow outs take place with the chic Madero Ocean Club and lively Cabana Beach competing for attention with big events Think rocking pool parties live music or hot DJs for dancing in the sand Also check out Wet Wild Chill Beach Bar Grill Bonita Beach Club and Hemingway to discover their unique party styles And the new Rileks Beach Bar is a swinging spot Literally You ll find oversized hammocks and even a big wooden swing set there Looking for more laid back Head to lovely little Mood Beach tucked away at the end of the bay But don t forget your bathing suit The sea swimming is great and Madero has their own pool And look for Don Caribe in the boulevard for a fabulous selection of top quality Cuban cigars to really celebrate in style Willemstad a wonderland of light and color Historic Fort Nassau s terrace bar is a romantic perch to view the sunset and the city lights at night But Thursday nights it s all about Punda Vibes that really lights up the town with music cultural exhibitions dancing pop up bars and even fireworks for a great street party Begin your evening at Caf de Tijd Eetbar Op Op a popular outdoor bar for the best ribs on the island to fuel up your party spirit And Cafelito in Sali a has Friday Sangria Happy Hour Also in Sali a is Landhuis Chobolobo the distillery where you can see where the famous Cura ao liqueur is made and sample their signature cocktails in their historic courtyard Head to Zuikertuin Mall to find Omundo s a classy lounge with daily happy hours of exotic cocktails and gourmet fare You ll also find Grand Caf Mahaai in that district for great burgers beer and watching football Jan Thiel Beach Lees blog in Nederlands Jan Thiel Beach party central Saturdays This cool collection of clubs bars and dining spots dotted around a beautiful manmade beach attracts sun worshippers by day and party hearty people by night It s also an ideal spot to catch a superb sunset at places like Zest Beach Caf with a fun Spritz Happy Hour and DJ on Fridays But it s their big Saturday beach parties that are famous island wide The action is anchored at Zanzibar Zanzis but there s all kinds of different musical flavors for barefoot dancing from spot to spot for different vibes Hungry Hit Tinto Bar Y Cocina for delicious delights and gourmet bites Off the beaten path places Kokomo at Vaersenbaai beach is famous for epic live music and DJ events On Monday nights chart a course to Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei for live music in a lovely outdoor courtyard And Sundays at Fuik Baai is one of Cura ao s most unique gatherings accessible only by boat Find some water transportation to get there to join a fun floating party right on the water It s a superb local experience not to be missed Happy Partying Nights Cura ao 87

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NIGHTBEAT Where to party Name Location Zanzibar Jan Thiel Beach z n 747 0633 Zest Beach Caf Jan Thiel Beach z n 747 0633 Tel 5999 Mojito s Bites Papagayo Beach Plaza 523 8894 Cabana Beach Bapor Kibra z n 465 1589 Chill Beach Bar Grill Bapor Kibra z n 434 8888 Hemingway Bapor Kibra z n 465 0740 465 1200 MOOD Beach Bapor Kibra z n Wet Wild Beach Club Bapor Kibra z n 561 2477 Bonita Beach Club Mambo Beach Blvd 735 1521 Caf 40 Mambo Beach Blvd 516 1817 Don Caribe Cigars Spirits Mambo Beach Blvd 682 5447 Madero Ocean Club Mambo Beach Blvd 465 0073 Rileks Beach Bar Mambo Beach Blvd 692 6335 Bar P Fuikstraat 1 663 0239 BKLYN Loostraat 1 461 8845 Obaar Loostraat 3 522 3908 Mundo Bizarro Nieuwestraat 12 461 6767 Mr Porter Nieuwestraat 42 788 0056 Mosa Ca a Penstraat 41 691 5429 Fish Joy Penstraat 57 461 8844 Nultwintig Penstraat 300 465 6066 Caf de Tijd Eetbar Op Op Pietermaai 1 7 465 0987 Blue Bird Caf Pietermaai 65 840 1516 Ochenta Cocktail Bar Pietermaai 80 695 1375 Los Caballeros Pietermaai 86 524 5536 De Heeren Sea Pietermaai 104 465 2575 Saint Tropez Ocean Club Pietermaai 152 461 7727 De Heeren Zuikertuintje Shopping Mall 736 0491 Omundo Zuikertuintje Shopping Mall 738 8477 Prime Cuisine Club Zuikertuintje Shopping Mall 843 8250 Cafelito Sali a Galleries C103 788 5775 Grand Caf Mahaai Mahaaiweg 32 788 0038 Club Vanilla Perseusweg 690 4747 Pirate Bay Beach Club Piscaderabaai z n 461 0183 Blend Beach Bar Blue Bay Cura ao Golf Beach Resort 888 8800 Kokomo Beach Vaersenbaai 868 0908 Sopranos Sports Bar Cura ao Rif Fort Renaissance Mall 465 4007 Knight Party Rider Bus 699 7837 88 Nights Cura ao Recommended

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NIGHTBEAT Where to gamble Name Location Carnaval Casino Renaissance Cura ao Resort Casino 435 5089 Diamond Beach Casino Papagayo Beach Plaza 747 0997 Tel 5999 Downtown Casino San Marco Hotel Casino 461 2988 Dreams Cura ao Casino Dreams Cura ao Resort Spa Casino 462 5000 Hill Ross Casino Trupial Inn Hotel Casino 737 8200 Pelikaan Casino Breedestraat 100 102 462 1922 Princess Casino Sunscape Cura ao Resort Spa Casino 736 7888 Sahara Casino Cura ao Airport Hotel 868 8044 Smile Lottery Various Locations 461 7666 OCEANS Restaurant Bar Club eddymartina elite empire events com 5999 699 7837 5999 510 6533 Taxi by EDDY V I P TX 165 Discount for returning customers Private island tours with reduced rates Always cold bottle of water welcome gift at Meet Greet pickups Free WiFi martinaeddy2 gmail com estatic_eddytxs hotmail com www taxicur com Bus tours by Knight Party Rider Special packages for any type of bus tour occasions Special days Beach and Bar Hops and Karaoke installation on board 36 leather seats Airconditioning Max capacity 45 passengers eddymartina elite empire events com For more information about prices or availability contact us via 5999 699 7837 5999 510 6533 Edwin Martina Nights Cura ao 89

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INFO CURA AO INFORMATION Emergency Numbers Ambulance 912 Coast Guard 913 Fire Department 911 Hospital 910 Police 911 SOS Line 127 Tourist Emergency Line 917 Airlines Tel 5999 Cura ao International Airport 839 1000 American 869 5707 Avianca 839 1183 Aruba Airlines 834 1834 Divi Divi Air 839 1515 Insel Air 737 4440 KLM 31 20 474 7745 Surinam 868 9600 TUI 736 1100 Do you want to fly to Aruba or Bonaire Divi Divi Air takes you there Divi Divi flyes daily between Cura ao Aruba and Bonaire Did you know that you can also find Cura ao Nights inside the airplanes of Divi Divi air For more information and to book your ticket go to www flydivi com Banking Hours Banks are generally open Monday to Friday from 8 a m to 4 p m Banks Tel 5999 Banco di Caribe Schottegatweg Oost 205 Salinja 432 3000 Maduro Curiel s Bank Plasa Jojo Correa 2 4 466 1111 RBC Royal Bank Kaya Flamboyan 1 763 8000 Car Rentals Alamo Car Rental 869 4433 Climate Annual averages temperature 82 F 28 C rainfall 22 water temperature 81 F 27 C Conservation Please respect the environment by not littering not touching marine life or wildlife and leaving rocks and shells in their original spaces Also ensure souvenirs are not made from protected species like sea turtles black coral and the lignum vitae tree And please reuse and refill drinking containers to help reduce the plastic trash problem Consulates Tel 5999 Canadian Consulate 466 1115 Colombian Consulate 461 4663 German Consulate 737 2973 US Consulate 461 3066 Venezuelan Consulate 461 3100 90 Nights Cura ao Currency US dollars or Antillean guilders US dollar equals between 1 75 and 1 80 NAf Drinking Water Desalinized seawater Bottled water is also available Electricity 110 130 volts AC 50 cycles Geography Approximately 180 square miles the largest island in the Kingdom of the Netherlands Cura ao s highest point is Mt Christoffel at 1 239 feet Located 1 710 miles from New York 35 miles north of Venezuela Languages Dutch is the official language but Papiamentu is spoken by nearly everyone English and Spanish are also widely used Pharmacies Tel 5999 Benu Pharmacy 2 locations Dominguito 467 7988 Otrobanda 462 5633 Religious Services Cura ao offers a variety of houses of worship to its visitors For information on locations and hours of services please inquire at your hotel s front desk Shopping Hours Shop in the Free zone at Virginia Free zone Location Emancipatie Boulevard Dominico F Don Martina 17 Tel 5999 6602835 Stores are generally open Monday to Saturday from 9 a m to 6 p m Some stores close over the lunch hour though most stores in Punda and in the shopping malls are open all day Some stores stay open until 8 p m or 9 p m and open on the occasional Sunday on holidays and when cruise ships are in port Taxis Tel 5999 Airport 868 1220 Cura ao Taxi Max 697 6302 DCTA Dutch Caribbean Taxi Association 868 5319 Telephone Assistance Tel 5999 Directory Assistance 9221 Time Atlantic Standard Time one hour ahead of New York except during Daylight Savings when the time is the same Telecommunications Digicel Cura ao www digicelgroup com 736 1056

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INFO Museums Tel 5999 Children s Museum Cura ao Rooi Catootje1 737 5261 Cura ao Maritime Museum Van den Brandhofstraat 1 Scharloo 465 2327 Cura ao Museum Van Leeuwenhoekstraat z n Otrobanda 462 3873 Cura ao Postal Museum Keukenstraat Punda 465 8010 Den Paradera Seru Grandi 105 A 767 5608 Fort Church Museum Fort Amsterdam Punda 461 1139 Jewish Historical Cultural Museum Hanchi Snoa 29 Punda 461 1633 Kas di Pali Maishi Dokterstuin 27 666 9973 Driving European rules of the road and signs are used US and international driver s licenses are valid Urban speed limit is 40 km h rural speed limit is 60 km h unless otherwise indicated No right turns on red light Drivers have priority of right On T junctions traffic on the dead end road must give right of way to all traffic from left and right In case of an accident DON T MOVE YOUR CAR Notify the police immediately by calling 911 Landhuis Bloemhof Santa Rosaweg 6 737 5775 Landhuis Chobolobo Salinja Ariba 461 3526 Landhuis Groot Santa Martha Santa Martha 864 1323 Road signs Before getting behind the wheel familiarize yourself with these important road signs Money Museum Yotin Korta Scharlooweg 11 434 5573 Mongui Maduro Museum Library Landhuis Rooi Catootje 737 5182 Museo Tula Landhuis Kenepa 888 6396 Oncoming traffic has right of way Museum Kura Hulanda Klipstraat 9 Otrobanda 434 7765 Right of way before oncoming traffic National Archaeological Anthropological Museum Johan van Walbeeckplein 13 462 1933 Right of way road Octagon Museum Avila Hotel Punda 461 4377 End of right of way road Savonet Museum Christoffel Park 864 0363 Right of way at intersection Cura ao Investment Export Promotion Agency CINEX Stop Right of way ahead As an island in the Caribbean general incentives can easily resemble the ones of our neighboring islands However what makes Cura ao stand out are our Reasons that come to life in every professional and local entrepreneur the ones with a vision that perform with excellence develop globally competitive products and offer services that can compete with multinational companies This paired with competitive incentives and multiple investment opportunities makes Cura ao the best location for your investment endeavors No passing E info cinex cw Johan van Walbeeckplein 18 Willemstad Cura ao www cinex cw One way Enter from this side only All traffic forbidden Do not enter One way No stopping no parking Nights Cura ao 91

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WILLEMSTAD MAP DOWNTOWN WILLEMSTAD straat Haven Kijkduinstraat traat traat Ferdinands Queen Juliana Bridge St Annabaai 3 Amst elst 4 r 4 Naus saust 4 Dijkstr 4 Atjeb str Trom pstr Windstr Bitters tr a at ket 10 prileska de Floatin g Mar S ha C a t Mad uros traat Kuipe rstraa Hanchi Passa atstra at Winds2tr aat Art Alley Old Market Plaza Bieu rm Piete 5 SCHARLOO Central Market Prinsenstraat lein Wolkstra at p rik nd He eg aaiw Chichi Shop Punda Dempelstr erijstr Drukk t ikstraa Freder Ijzerstra at estraa t Ferry 5 Breedestraat Punda Fort Amsterdam Waterfortstra at PUNDA traat Marks Langestraat Breed Consc ientie steeg 1 St M artinu sstr 3 en Que ridge na B elmi Wilh N Piete Mall rmaai Parking Ijzerstraat Molen plein Pater Euw ensweg 4 r Nieu aat wstr g Tafelstee at erstra Theat steeg Buurt kstraat ey VanSp steeg Stroo traat Midde ns L B Smith Bridge straa t Keuk en ouvil lewe g De R at t ra riks de Fr e t w eg Por e lobb Pie Maan s zplein traat Gome busstr aat Colum tr erijs Batt traat Heren s aat Arubas tr eg Winkels te ga elska de Hand Gov e Palarnors ce Breedestraa t Cru ise an S v V Gou Rifwaterstraat Klips Brionp lein ville weg Rou De OTROBANDA Gallero ssteeg g ellwe pow den Ba traat Rialtos olstraa t Sabast op Me 92 Nights Cura ao Zaantjessteeg

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18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Cafe de Tijd Eetbar Op Op Chata Minimarket Plaza Bieu Cafe Old Dutch Van Gogh Mundo Bizarro Pietermaai Boutique Hotel Kapsalon Jolanda Wils SWAE Juicebar Bistro Pietermaai Ginger Bar P Blue Bird Cafe Mr Porter Altijd in de buurt DUTCH Curacao Dushi Pietermaai Apartments 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 PUNDA 1 2 AI S 5 T RMA PIET E 4 6 42 7 10 11 12 8 13 14 9 18 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 30 31 A DE VEERSTRAAT N Other AAT 34 33 36 32 35 R PEN ST JULIANAPLEIN Restaurant Hotel Apartment Hotel Apartment Restaurant Bar PIETER MAAI S T 25 23 24 SCHARLOO 26 28 Ochenta Cocktail Bar 27 29 BijBlauw Dive City Cura ao PIETERMAAI Los Caballeros DISTRICT Bed Bike Pietermaai Pan Asian Bistro Boho Bohemian Boutique Hotel 34 Obaar Brazilian Lounge Scuba Logde 35 Mosa Ca a De Heeren Sea 36 Sera na Blackjack 37 Fish Joy St Tropez Ocean Club Suites 38 Avila Beach Hotel Cristal 39 The Pen Hotel t Klooster 40 Blues Rozendaels 41 Nultwintig BKLYN 42 The Movies PIETERMAAI PARKING MALL 3 40 38 Diving Parking Beach 39 37 BA LIS TEE G PIETERMAAI MAP Nights Cura ao 93

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ISLAND MAP Noordpunt 1 A 2 3 Westpunt 4 1 5 6 Boca Grandi 2 D Savonet Bartol Baai Christoffel Mountain 7 Jeremi 8 9 C B Barber Lagun E F Santa Cruz 4 Santa Martha 3 5 San Nicolas Soto BEACHES PLAYAS 1 Playa Kalki 2 Playa Piskado Grandi 3 Westpunt Baai 4 Grote Knip 5 Kleine Knip 6 Playa Jeremi 7 Playa Lagun 8 Santa Cruz San Predro Cave San Juan 10 11 Tera Cor Daniel 7 12 St Willibrordus 13 G 6 H Kaap St Marie 9 Boca Santu Pretu 10 Playa Mansali a 11 Cas Abao 12 Playa Porto Mari 13 Daaibooi Baai 14 Kokomo Beach 15 St Michiel Baai 16 Blue Bay Beach Golfcourt 17 Pirate Bay Mountain 18 Cabana Mood Beach Lighthouse 19 Mambo Beach Shopping Center 20 Jan Thiel Beach Dive Sites 21 Playa Canoa Snorkeling 94 Nights Cura ao Boca Ascencion Pannekoek Grote Bullenbaai Pa 14 15 St Mic 16

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MUST SEE LANDHUIZEN COLONIAL HOUSES Berg A Sheta Boka National Park 1 Landhuis Knip Kenepa B Savonet Museum 2 Landhuis Savonet C Christo elpark 3 Landhuis Groot Santa Martha D Indian Rock Drawings 4 Landhuis Dokterstuin E Blue Room Cave 5 Landhuis Ascencion F Kas di Pal i Maishi 6 Landhuis Jan Kok G Williwood 7 Landhuis Daniel H Flamingo Area 8 Landhuis Papaya I Hato Caves 9 Landhuis Habaai J Maritime Museum Curacao 10 Landhuis Brievengat K Mongui Maduro Museum Library 11 Landhuis Rooi Catootje L Cathedral Labyrinth Of Thorns 12 Landhuis Bloemhof M Landhuis Chobolobo Curacao Liqueur Distillery 13 Landhuis Chobolobo N Sea Aquarium 14 Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei O CurAloe Plantation P Serena s Art Factory Q Ostrich Farm CURACAO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT apaya 8 21 I Julianadorp chiel Piscadera 9 17 Otrobanda Brievengat K 10 J SUPERMARKET Punda 12 13 Pietermaai Mambo 18 Santa Caterina Q Santa Rosa 11 Van Den Tweel O Koraal Tabak P L M N Bottelier St Joris Baai 14 Brakkeput Spanish Water 19 JAN THIEL Caracas Baai 20 Van Den Tweel SUPERMARKET Nieuwpoort Fuik Baai Oostpunt 15 miles Nights Cura ao 95

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96 Nights Cura ao

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