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Information Brochure Leadership Certificate ProgramIntroductionIn September 2022, Curaçao Cooperative Academy (CCA), in collaboration with Fekoskan, the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU), and the University of the West Indies (UWI), will provide a Leadership Certificate Program (LCP). We believe this course can help develop agile leadership skills in the Credit Unions in the areas of succession planning, cooperative development policy and practices, human resource management, performance management, marketing strategy, and risk management.The course will initially be offered to Curaçao Credit Unions employees and (future) Credit Union leaders. The LCP is prepared by the UWI’s Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management. In June and July 2022 CCA and UWI will organize a free information session for all interested in the Leadership Certificate Program.This brochure will give you all the information needed about this program and how to 1

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What Is The Purpose Of This Training?Assessing and developing leadership potential in organizations is pertinent to an effective talent management strategy. Moreover, the increasing demographic shift in today’s workforce has prompted organizations to evaluate the strength of current leadership and focus their efforts on developing bench strength from within the organization. However, research has shown that many of the next generation leaders are not yet fully equipped to assume these leadership roles and do not possess all the skills necessary to lead. The number one competency gap in leaders expected to fill executive-level positions within the next three to five years is the ability to use critical thinking skills. Critical thinking in creative thinking, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and decision making in complex situations is perhaps the most significant trend in executive development today.Against this backdrop, the Leadership Certificate Program will seek to cultivate the leadership skills, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills of high potential employees across the local Credit Union business and industry knowledge and aid in developing functional and technical expertise within the Credit Unions. Finally, this certificate program is designed to empower rising Credit Union leaders with modern strategies for developing leadership 2

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Who Is This Program For?This intermediate-level Certificate is tailored to high potential employees and rising Credit Union leaders across the CCCU and Curaçao Cooperative Academy. They wish to develop business and leadership acumen within these Credit Unions.The Leadership certification program seeks to:- Enhance the business acumen of employees and emerging credit union leaders and facilitate the development of the highly-regarded leadership skills needed across the various Credit Unions.- Prepare employees to assume potential senior management and executive leadership roles within these Credit Unions.- Facilitate the exploration of issues such as organizational structures, succession planning, managing performance, and risk resilience.Who is our target audience?This program provides world-class leadership and strategy development education and training for emerging Credit Union leaders. The program aids employees and emerging Credit Union leaders interested in pursuing leadership and strategic effectiveness. The program will help employees and emerging Credit Union leaders clarify their organization’s vision, apply industry-proven best practices, and build their leadership skills to better serve their 3

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What Are The Requirements?An applicant must have either:1. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a university or college acceptable to the University of the West Indies.OR2. A Certificate in Business Administration or Public Administration or in a related field.A two-year diploma from a recognized institution in a related field, OR 5 CXCs (O’ levels) and a minimum of 2 years of junior to middle-level management experience.OR3. An Associate Degree from a recognized institution.The CertificationUpon successfully completing this program, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Competence. Participants must receive a pass mark of 50% to be awarded the Certificate of Competence, and participants must pass all six (6) modules of the program to receive this Certificate. In the event of failure of a course, delegates are allowed one (1) resit examination per 4

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Module 1: The Essentials Of Corporate Business ModelsDescriptionThis course aims to expose participants to the essentials of business models used in businesses across sectors, but will specifically be targeted at the financial services sector in the Caribbean. The course will explore concepts such as the traditional brick and mortar business models, the ultra-modern business models, and the hybrid approach called the `brick-and-click’ business model. It will show how participants can determine the business model that best suits a particular market condition and business context.On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:- Describe the various types of business models- Identify the appropriate business model based on a given set of market and business- factors, utilizing the business model canvas- Identify weaknesses in a business model and recommend remedial actionModule 2: Leading People For Sustainability, Resilience And High PerformanceDescriptionThis course aims to introduce participants to leadership best practices that are more aligned with high-performing organizations. It will cover contemporary issues such as organizational resilience and sustainability, especially for financial institutions. Strategies and processes to achieve high performance across organizations will also be a key area of focus.On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:- Design practical succession planning plans- Illustrate the ways how organization can implement resilience strategies and action plans- Utilize basic skills to organize and lead high-performance teamsThe six modulespage 5

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Module 3: Understanding Cooperative Development Policy And PracticesDescriptionThis course aims to provide participants with essential information related to the importance, purpose, and functionality of cooperative development policy to govern the operations of cooperative Credit Unions in the country of origin.On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:- Define cooperative development policy- Differentiate good policy from the ineffective policy- Explain the relevance of harmonization of cooperative Credit Union policies and national laws and policies- Evaluate strategies for effective Credit Union policyModule 4: Managing Human Resources For Performance EnhancementDescriptionThis course is designed to educate participants about the functions and practices of managing human resources in Credit Unions. It is considered necessary because the workplace has become even more complex, and leaders need to understand the strategies that promote recognizing, rewarding, engaging and monitoring performance to enhance organizational performance.On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:- Explain the importance of managing the human resource- Design and implement basic rewards and recognition programs for a Credit Union- Implement basic practices needed for mutually beneficial relations with the recognized trade unions- Utilize human resource strategies that lead to improved employee engagement- Design and implement basic systems that support effective management of employees’ performance on the jobpage 6

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Module 5: Aligning Marketing With Credit Union StrategyDescriptionThis course will demonstrate how to align marketing with Credit Union strategy to drive success within the organization. It will also aid in the development of the skills that Credit Union professionals need to communicate effectively and creatively. The course will cover strategic marketing, service marketing strategies, content marketing, and market segmentation.On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:- Analyze markets to understand the dynamics at work in the marketplaces- Use market research to drive success within their organization- Manage their Credit Union’s brand-Formulate a marketing plan that incorporates into their Credit Union’s overallstrategic planModule 6: Enterprise Risk Management For Credit UnionsDescriptionThis course will focus on identifying, managing, and monitoring risks within a Credit Union. Furthermore, it will equip participants with the skills needed to make better decisions regarding analyzing and managing risks in Credit Unions. In this way, the course will cover a broad spectrum of topics within enterprise risk management, including risk identification, reporting and analysis, and the enterprise risk management regulatory environment.On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:- Explain the concept of enterprise risk management- Discuss the importance of establishing appropriate risk management- Identify critical internal control policies, procedures, and measures used inrisk management- Apply enterprise risk management to their Credit Union’s strategic planningpage 7

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Need More Information?We will be organizing two free information sessions: - Wednesday, June 1st, 2022, 6 - 7 pm- Wednesday, July 6th, 2022, 6 - 7 pmClick here to register for this free online information session.Take this excellent opportunity to become a (future) Credit Union leader and get certified by the University of the West Indies with an early bird discount from 6050,- ANG for only 4350,- ANG (including Fekoskan Scholarship)Visit and register for the course Leadership Certificate Program at discounted prices!PRICES Credit Union members 4550,- NOW: Early bird: 4350,- (ex. OB)Regular price 6050,- NOW: Early bird: 5850,- (ex. OB)page 8MONTHSeptember 2022October 2022November 2022December 2022January 2023February 2023March 2023DATES19-22-26-293-6-17-19-24-273-7-14-17-24-281-59-12-13-16-19-20-236-9-13-16-20-236-9-13-16-20-23DATES18.00 - 21.0018.00 - 21.0018.00 - 21.0018.00 - 21.0018.00 - 21.0018.00 - 21.0018.00 - 21.00SCHEDULE